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Improve New Patient Entry

If I try using schedule to enter an appointment for a new patient, I have to type in some letters of the patient's name in order to "add a new patient". Then, my entry does not transfer over and I have to start over with entering the name from the beginning.

Additionally, I have to type the full 8 digits of a date of birth before the form will accept it.

Can these be streamlined?

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Dr Pauravi Rana shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
Acknowledged  ·  Matthew Douglass responded  · 

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  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Yes please auto populate name searched if add patient is selected. Duplicate data entry is unnecessary and affects patient quality, practice finances and staff time. Thank you

  • Elizabeth Lopez commented  · 

    Yes, this proves especially difficult with patients who have unusual spellings of their first/last names. When we add the new patient and the entry of the name that we had, originally, typed in does not transfer over, we have to ask the patient to spell their name, again. In the old Practice Fusion, the name automatically transferred over.

  • Brendan Levy commented  · 

    Allow customization of the Add Patient form to streamline it for front desk staff. Allow adding or removing of fields.

  • Denia Arreola commented  · 

    Would like Practice Fusion to remember the patient name when adding a new patient. Currently, you type in the patient name only to find they're not currently in the account so you have to add a new patient and then either try to remember the name or ask the patient to repeat it to them again so that you can fill in the fields required to add the patient. It would be helpful if the original entry flowed over into the new patient screen.

  • John Salinas commented  · 

    When new patients call for appointment, allow receptionist to add directly on scheduler with name , email, phone. This info would then autopopulate in new chart to be completed later. The receptionist would then be prompted on screen to send new patient pack to new patient email to be completed and sent back. Patient would receive email or text link to register with Practicefusion and receive new patient info pack and questionnaires.

  • Sara Rosales commented  · 

    When a new patient appointment is being entered the name and date of birth are not transfer over and we have to enter the information again. Is there a way the information could just carry over so that we dont have to enter info twice?

  • Keely Godwin, MD commented  · 

    Until recently, if we were trying to schedule a new patient, we would click on an appointment time, type in a name and when that name wasn't found in the existing patient list, we would choose "add new patient" to add them into our database.
    When it was starting that new patient record, it would automatically populate the name we'd initially searched into the name window in the new patient record.
    We've noticed that behavior by the EMR is no longer in place.
    For our office, where we have a pretty significant international population, this is a real issue for us because we then have to either hand write the name while we're having the patient spell it over the phone, or we have to ask them a second time for name (and spelling) so now we can put it in their record.

  • Ms Klynn Mcklem commented  · 

    When scheduling a new patient appointment if you have to add new their name should transfer instead of having to type it in again.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    please make it where if you are scheduling a new patient and hit search to see if they have been here should be given a chance to save pts. name instead of having to enter it twice

  • Susan Baldwin commented  · 

    When scheduling a patient we know is new to the office, we have to enter a name in the search box, select add new patient, and then re-enter the name on the next screen. It would be nice to have an option of selecting new patient and bypassing the search so we don't have to enter the name twice, or an autofill from the initial search box.

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