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Default Facility Per User

Please default the facility setting so you don't have to select it each time you log in. We have more than one facility and often the provider is charting or prescribing under the wrong one.

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Dee Scritchfield shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Virginia commented  · 

    please set a default for the place of service so it does not have to be entered each time, especially when provider only works out of one place of service. It currently defaults to 11 but provider works at place of service 21 Thank you.

  • Dr Lokesh Reddy commented  · 

    Additional defaults will decrease time spent on each and every note. Defaults include: place of service, provider, dose of vaccine, quantity of vaccine - these are the same all the time. Every flu vaccine given has to be entered each time - same dose and quantity of 1.
    Separate issue; when entering vitals why click on DONE, once entered, it should be saved.

  • Ms Mary Curtis commented  · 

    I work at two different locations every week so I don't really want a default facility but I'd sure appreciate it if the choice was more prominent as that would catch my eye to remind me to change to my current location. Could we have a default facility button like the old button with choices that popped up right away and then have a button to change facilities. Something more obvious,at least.

  • Dhaval Shah commented  · 

    Yes, this simple change will save lot of time, effort and frustration. Each user should be able to set their own default location. We have several different location and providers ofter forget to change the location.

  • Candice Sendejas commented  · 

    Please make this a priority as the physicians are very frustrated and this requires extra time and effort.

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