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Resend Failed E-Prescriptions

I find that many times we'll get a call from a patient complaining that a prescription never made it to the pharmacy. When we look at the prescription, it will say either that delivery is pending or that it failed. In order to send the prescription again, we have to re-create the prescription. Ideally, it would be great to look at an e-Rx that's been sent and have the option to simply click one "resend" button that has the exact same data that just gets re-sent to the pharmacy. This would save time and effort (and possibly allow a staff member to re-send a prescription that failed without making the provider create a whole new Rx if that option is coming as well).

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Keely Godwin, MD shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Christopher Johnson, ARNP commented  · 

    This continues to be an issue.
    Is there not some way that the system will notify you if an escript fails without having to go into every patient in order to verify? Please advise

  • Lisa Lesher commented  · 

    I do not know that the ERx errors or fails unless the pt calls and states that the pharmacy did not receive the script. If there could be a notification, possibly in tasks, just as the prior authorizations, fax fails and med refill requests do.

  • Pat Thompson commented  · 

    Good afternoon,
    Many times an e-script will read "verified" and the pharmacy and/or the patient will call to say the pharmacy did not receive the electronic prescription.
    If we could resend them it would save time and the patients' chart would not present as if an additional prescription was sent. Thank you. Pat

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    I agree. I have sent multiple e-Rx's which failed to arrive at the pharmacies, only to find out about them when an irate patient or pharmacist has called and informed me about it. We need an "alert" window to pop up at some point if an order for a Rx, lab or XR didn't make it to its destination

  • Orlando Emmanuelli commented  · 

    EITHER resend automatically OR make a more VISIBLE NOTICE THAT IT FAILED.

  • Ariel commented  · 

    Even better, a failed eRx could automatically resend itself, and give me some kind of alert if it fails again.

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