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Frequent Diagnosis Picklist

There used to be a sheet on which you could check off multiple diagnoses. In PF, the diagnosis section can have a list 20-50 of the most common diagnoses of a practice that can be checked off individually or "select all" and then saved to the chart with one click.

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Sudhesh Srivastava shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Darwin Boor, MD commented  · 

    My staff would use this when entering new patients and I would use it when adding new diagnoses. The current entry process is too..... time consuming. This would be faster using a 2 page process.
    Page #1 - Multicolumn list of diagnoes with radio buttons: (example below)

    [Yes] [No] - (ICD#1) DIAGNOSIS1. [Yes] [No] - (ICD#11) DIAGNOSIS11.
    [Yes] [No] - (ICD#2) DIAGNOSIS2. [Yes] [No] - (ICD#12) DIAGNOSIS12.
    Page #2 - List of Selected Diagnoses (one line per diagnosis) with radio buttons for
    Acute and Chronic, Start Date (two formats Exact Date or Year), comment
    (Used for notes about more specific diagnosis or affected side, etc.), and
    Medication entry. (example below)

    [Acute] [Chronic] - (ICD#) Diagnosis1 - Start: {Exact Date} or {Year} {comment} <meds>
    [Acute] [Chronic] - (ICD#) Diagnosis2 - Start: {Exact Date} or {Year} {comment} <meds>
    [Acute] [Chronic] - (ICD#) Diagnosis3 - Start: {Exact Date} or {Year} {comment} <meds>

  • Lila Rosenthal commented  · 

    for ICD10, can you please create a way that we can create a list of our own most commonly used codes to quickly access them

  • Sudhesh Srivastava commented  · 

    Thanks for your inquiry. I would like to see this as a way to enter diagnoses during a clinical encounter. Normally when I am seeing a patient for the first time I will ask them do they have high blood pressure? Do they have DM? Do they have Asthma?... and for each answer they give I would like to check off the diagnosis and at the end of my eliciting this history click a button to enter them as PMH/Active diagoses. As it stands now I have to memorize them and enter them later otherwise my flow of conversation with the patient is broken or I must break the flow and enter the icd9>click on the result of the search>click done (ie 3 clicks per diagnosis--maddening).
    I have always insisted that there is a lot of overlap between diagnoses entered on the superbill and PMH/active diagnoses and questioned why things entered as diagnoses on a superbill do not flow backwards to PMH/active diagnoses when the database fields are clearly linked (ie why is it not a two-way field and only has data go one way and have the doctor do duplicate work.)

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