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Chart Note Faxing

We should be able to fax notes directly from practice fusion, NOT as a referral, but to correspond with other doctors that may have referred the patient to us. Many doctors do not like receiving pages of information (demographics, insurance) that they already have. So, making a separate method that we can send JUST the note, and not as a referral, would be great.

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Veerja shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
Acknowledged  ·  Matthew Douglass responded  · 

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  • Michelle commented  · 

    strongly agree!
    Faxing chart notes or medical records to another provider without labeled referral would be greatly appreciated. A lot of confusion on the receiving end when they see referral on cover sheet and there isn't any referral in there!

  • Dr Lori Finn commented  · 

    Many times I am just sending updates to a patient's regular doctor. It is not a "transfer of care" and should not be counted as such for Meaningful Use. Also, it is not a referral, and it would be nice to only be able to digitally fax the SOAP note without all of the patient's other information. Thank you!

  • Dr Lori Finn commented  · 

    Could you please devise a way to fax a SOAP note to a patient's PCP without it counting against us in Meaningful Use as a non-electronic referral?

  • Mrs JoAnn Schell commented  · 

    Should be able to distinguish between when we refer a patient to another provider, and when we are sending a consultation report on a patient for another provider

  • Mrs Dana Loring commented  · 

    We send a note on the first visit to their primary care and referring physician, there should be a separate heading when it is not a referral and we are just sending notes.

  • William Gilmer commented  · 

    Agree strongly with need to be able to fax chart notes easily and efficiently, directly from PF, without calling it a "referral".

    Identifying the referring dr to patient, with option to default fax notes routinely to that referring dr (or pcp) dr each time would be a great idea, and would help us meet CMS rules on meaningful use.

  • Cheryl Mazur commented  · 

    It would be really helpful if the note would automatically be faxed to the Copied providers/recipients when the notes are signed. This frees up man power for other duties and ensures that the notes are sent in a timely manner.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    I agree with William Gilmer, this is the most frustrating deficit of PF. So frustrating that's the only reason I don't give PF an A.

  • William Gilmer commented  · 

    Fax Chart Notes! This is the single most frustrating current deficit of PF. Specialists need to correspond regularly with their referring physicians with simple brief updated clinical SOAP notes from each visit. This is not a "referral", this is a cc of a chart note. For MU, these notes are counted as "transfer of care" or a "referral" when it is not. We need a mechanism to simply fax selected portions of follow up notes to the referring physician or PCP for continuity of care purposes.

  • Dr Lawrence Han commented  · 

    I agree 100% to this post. Recently, I had a PCP called ask me about the referral online ? and I had to explain the only way I could fax notes was via this system referral which rather backward for a clinical note.

    Fact of the matter is many specialties use this system.

  • Ms Marie Ramie commented  · 

    why is there not a way to fax only certain parts of a patient chart to another facility without printing ALL of the chart that the requesting party already has. This would be really helpful if we could just fax period. thanks.

  • William Gilmer commented  · 

    Agree strongly. As a sub-specialty physician, I keep the referring physician and the PCP informed of what is happening with the patient so that they are all in a loop even after their initial referral to me. That is done by faxing the current SOAP note. This is NOT a "referral" but rather a clinical update.

  • Ms Tracy Schmidt commented  · 

    It would be great to be able to fax the print visit summary to referring provider. This would give the choice what to send. I know it can be done now but too many steps to save in documents first. The clinical summary doesn't format right to send that as a fax.

  • Ms Tracy Schmidt commented  · 

    The choice to fax the visit summary would be great.
    It would also help to eliminate some paper if the history of the Escript is not attached.
    The more choices as to what prints is needed. A setting that allows the choices to be fixed would greatly help. This way is can be changed on as needed basis. WE have had other practices say we are sending way to much information and paper. Hey some practices aren't EMR.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    please add this component as soon as possible. it would be extremely helpful!

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    When releasing records to anyone outside of practice fusion it is time consuming, waste of paper and let's not forget it defeats the purpose of paperless records.

  • Rana Rand, D.O. commented  · 

    Has this been addressed? I would like to send chart notes via e-fax as well. We frequently need to send years' worth of notes for disability claims and this uses a tremendous amount of paper for both sender and receiver even when we print double-sided.

  • Marcus Ko, M.D. commented  · 

    Yes, this needs to happen ASAP. One of the critical things that I do as a sub-specialty physician is keep the referring physician and the PCP informed of what is happening with the patient so that they are all in a loop even after their initial referral to me.

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