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Chart Note Faxing

We should be able to fax notes directly from practice fusion, NOT as a referral, but to correspond with other doctors that may have referred the patient to us. Many doctors do not like receiving pages of information (demographics, insurance) that they already have. So, making a separate method that we can send JUST the note, and not as a referral, would be great.

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Veerja shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
Acknowledged  ·  Matthew Douglass responded  · 

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  • Anonymous commented  · 

    One can directly fax from PF without printing. Get a fax/printer attached to the desktop.
    Yu can either send one encounter or the whole chart.
    Under the actions menu, click on print patient chart. When the printer choices come, hit the fax part, enter the fax number when the phone screen comes and send.

  • Lisa Verges commented  · 

    Please do this ASAP. Very important for enhancing patient care and helping the environment!!

  • Dr. G commented  · 

    I agree. Sending and even receiving faxes through PF would be awesome. And not just as a referral. I know it's ancient technology, but I need to fax employee information and/or records to insurance companies, lawyers, or employers who are not medical providers because that is the only way the accept the information. This information could be for worker's compensation claims, auto injuries, or even just a doctor's note. It would be nice to pick and choose the patient information to send as well.

  • P.Ramana commented  · 

    Often the specialists order labs. to be done by PCP and expecting the lab. results to be faxed to them. Right now as you do not have that ability, we have to print the results and fax to the specialist. If you provide this feature in PF we can directly fax the results from PF to the specialist.

  • Kathleen Scott, D.O. commented  · 

    I absolutely agree. This is critical. The purpose of EMR/EHR is to streamline our workflow. I want to be able to respond directly to an issue by faxing what I want to fax, and only those chart sections that I want to fax, to address a specific issue/question/item with another physician or office.

  • Carol Robinson RN., BSN commented  · 

    If we could also fax demographics, diagnostic list and medication list. That would save time.

  • Mrs Stacey Scott commented  · 

    Strongly Agree with this. Would reduce quite a bit of our work. We want a copy of everything that comes into the office recorded within PF, which means that currently we have to scan it all in, upload it, and then save it. If a records release comes through, we then have to print all of that back out in order to send it, when we very well could have just faxed it straight through PF, and had it recorded that it was sent.

  • Barry Clanton commented  · 

    that would be fantastic in workers comp situations as well as when dealing with attorneys and lien work

  • Angela commented  · 

    we really would rest easy from this service. We have too much paper as it is and a outdated and complex fax server that is hard for normal staff to check

  • Angela commented  · 

    This feature would be very helpful

  • Neeta Sandhu commented  · 

    We are a referral based practice...every patient we see is at another physician's request. It really does not make sense to send these referring physicians demographics etc. that they already have...Just the report/findings should be going to the referring physician.

  • Keely Godwin, MD commented  · 

    You can do this if you have a fax server or a combination fax/printer. Just choose "fax" as your printer and put in the appropriate information. Then instead of printing it, it will fax.
    It works the same with a fax server.
    Obviously it would be fantastic if PF included a fax server as part of their EMR, as we don't use the referrals the way they are set up now, and we'd just prefer to fax notes with a cover letter requesting the referral.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    It would be nice to be able to send/fax or e-mail different aspects of a pt.'s chart that insurance companies request for HEDIS review... instead of printing everything and then faxing!

  • Neal Breit, MD commented  · 

    We would like to have the ability to send other things to non-PF practices via fax, such as "follow-up letter" so we can update other doctors that referred to me (us) as to what is going on with our mutual patients care.

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