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Unsubmitted Superbill Tasks

It would be helpful if the Unsubmitted superbills tasks actually reflected the true status. We complete superbills at each encounter, so we just have to manually note each as completed under the task tab. We could benefit from being alerted if one was missed. As is we will need to disable the alert to avoid hundreds of them in the task list

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  • Mrs Windy Rachal commented  · 

    Yes, once you click "Ready for Biller", the task should automatically disappear from the list, just as signing a note triggers the task to be removed from the list of tasks.

  • Edward Taubman commented  · 

    Redundant to have to click complete on each task after having already clicked on "ready for biller" Clicking on "ready for biller" should eliminate the task from the task list or at least change the name of the task from "Unsubmitted Superbill" to "Submitted Superbill" to avoid confusion.

  • Milton Brown commented  · 

    I totally agree. I have wasted so much time with the Task list not being accurate

  • Mrs Susan Wells commented  · 

    Yes this would be a very useful function! It is very time consuming trying to go through the un submitted super bill or the unsigned encounters. Since it is an inaccurate list when just wanting the super bills that have not been done.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    I am encountering the same issue. Once a superbill is sent electronically to the billing system, Practice Fusion puts it in the Archive state. It should also mark it as completed so that it does not show up as an active Task. This will then flag to us any encounters that have not been billed. I think that was the intent of how the system was designed. The way ti works now, the whole Task feature is of no value since it is not accurate.

  • Mrs Sharon Fluet commented  · 

    You could also have a report that could be run at the end of the day to make sure there are no superbills with a status of "draft". This can be easily done. It is also labor intensive via all the key strokes, not to mention the drag on the system to bring up each patient to ensure the superbill status has been set to "set for biller"

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    It would be helpful if Archived superbills didn't show up as submitted superbills. This would give one an accurate picture of what needed to be addressed.
    Also if we could sort these by patient it would make it easier to check.

  • Dr Rachel Chamberlain commented  · 

    Yes, there should only be a task for unsumbitted superbill if one wasn't submitted!!
    You could make it so the unsubmitted bill pops up in the task bar 24 hours after the office visitif the billing was not done. This would save me a lot of time :)

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    i wholeheartedly agree. please fix this in PF. thanks

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    please fix this ASAP. wasting lot of time.

  • Caren Vance commented  · 

    I would love it if it was removed from Tasks when my biller changes the status to "Archive"

  • Noha Aboelata commented  · 

    Agree. And it would be helpful if we could see charting status from the unsubmitted superbill task list so that we would only attempt to work on charts that are complete (signed). And/or have another option of a task list only made up of signed chart note/unsubmitted superbill. Would REALLY help billing workflow.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Please fix this! It makes auditing the superbills nearly impossible and far too time consuming- which means a greater potential for lost revenue for the company and the contractors.

  • Dr Marc Tanenbaum commented  · 

    The pile up of Unsubmitted Superbill notices is occurring even though my biller has acted on them and the bill is archived. What gives? Where can I read about how to inactivate this notification feature. Thank you.

  • Dr Bernard Savella commented  · 

    I am new to PF
    Is there any reason to keep "unsubmitted superbill" in tasks after it was "sent to biller"?
    Is marking them as complete just a "housekeeping" issue or is it important to keep them as is?
    I would agree that simultaneosly marking them complete the moment they are sent to biller would be helpful.

  • Ms Tiffany Dixon commented  · 


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