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Patient Preferred Pharmacy

I would like to be able to add and update pharmacies for patients. At this time the doctor is having to do this when sending meds, it would be a great help to the doctor if the staff were able to manage the pharmacy during the intake process or prior to the doctor seeing the patient.

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Ms susan sebzda shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Anonymous commented  · 

    It would be very helpful
    Most other ehr I have used allows the staff to put preferred pharmacy in in intake
    Thank you

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    I agree please make pharmacy able to enter and update outside of the order form.

  • MALLU REDDY commented  · 

    Our staff needs to be able to add and update patient preferred pharmacy.

  • Amanda Krukowski commented  · 

    This would be extremely helpful and allow the office to run more efficiently.

  • Dr manjushree dey commented  · 

    add a spot in profile for the local pharmacy patient uses, and one spot for mail order medication

  • Dr ANN KIM commented  · 

    this is so necessary feature

  • Heather Simonson commented  · 

    This would be so helpful! Even if the preferred pharmacy could just show up on the patient's information bar that is always showing, that would be helpful!

  • Rena Keynigshteyn, MD commented  · 

    Please implement this future. It will be really helpful for all medical providers and medical offices. This future will make our lives easier. Thanks

  • Bryce Thomas commented  · 

    Yes, please implement this feature. We would use this daily. Thanks for your hard work!

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Would be nice to be able to easily access a list of pharmacies where rx have been sent so we can easily send them to both mail order and local pharmacies

  • Ms Misty Ford commented  · 

    Like most electronic health records I have used in the past. It would be helpful if we had an area for pt pharmacy. So if they call for refills.

  • Dr Debra Coplon commented  · 

    Allow front office personnel to enter pharmacy selection during intake to allow Provider to e/rx more efficiently.

  • Arun P. Shah, MD commented  · 

    Have pharmacy database in patient profile, easy to enter, review and change. At this time there is no easy way other than going to medication, and opening the order, also not able to enter pharmacy database unless you prescribe the medication.

  • yoko commented  · 

    We need a place to put pharmacy info prior to prescribing medication. I tend to realize that there is not enough info to find pharmacy when I prescribe medication and I have to discard the page and go back and do all over again.
    Hoping that my assistant can put and select the pharmacy before hand

  • Dr Lisa Sachdev commented  · 

    list patient's pharmacy in their demographic info of chart

  • Vikki commented  · 

    There are times when a patient will call at a later time to update us with their pharmacy information and we have no where to store it. The staff currently is unable to store pharmacy information which makes more work for the doctors and nurse practitioners. I do feel like this information should be able to be recorded easily during the intake process. I also feel that as a practice we should be able to add a list of frequent pharmacies to make the search a little easier. Thank you practice fusion for all of the great updates, I'm sure this one will be coming soon.

  • William Gilmer commented  · 

    entering the patient's preferred pharmacy should be part of the intake process, like preferences for email or text alerts. It is time consuming to have to find the pharmacy at the time of the first prescription.

  • Jonathan commented  · 

    I think the main issue is not being able to add pharmacies without ordering a new script or being able to delete unused pharmacies at all. Setting a preferred pharmacy is important, but the previously used pharmacy is already populated, which often times is the preferred pharmacy. You can also already see all previously used pharmacies in the Patient Pharmacies tab (have to click on it - to the left of the main window when ordering a script). You can also see previously used pharmacies through the e-prescriptions tab in the Timeline.

    It would be nice to be able to indicate pharmacies that are used and the pharmacist spoken with when calling in meds, as opposed to e-scribing. Right now we have to indicate that info in the Medication Comment field. We do a lot of compounded meds, so we in turn have input all the pharmacy info (Date, Pharmacy, Phone #, Pharmacist Name, Nurse who placed call) in that field. It will run out of room eventually.

    So, the update needs to be add pharmacies without needing to order a script to do so, delete unused pharmacies, include ability to input pharmacy/pharmacist info for scripts called in (we can just record quantity and refills through current system, aside from Med. Comment workaround).

  • Orlando Emmanuelli commented  · 

    adding our practice's voice to this. Pharmacy information should be independent from the prescription module so it can be added by staff during INTAKE, or even by patient if they use the patient portal.

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