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Patient Preferred Pharmacy

I would like to be able to add and update pharmacies for patients. At this time the doctor is having to do this when sending meds, it would be a great help to the doctor if the staff were able to manage the pharmacy during the intake process or prior to the doctor seeing the patient.

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Ms susan sebzda shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Dr Yuri Brosgol commented  · 

    It takes 5-10 min for a naive Pt to figure out which Pharmacy he is going to use. So, the receptionist must be able to do that work with the Pt and enter the pharmacy info in the chart so it becomes available if new prescription has to be started.

  • Mrs Carolyn Wice commented  · 

    If the Profile Page had specific places for Patient Pharmacy, Martial Status, Education, Referral Source, PCP, blank areas for misc info to be added but not required.

  • Mr Scott Stegall commented  · 

    I need to be able to set a default pharmacy for a patient rather than choosing one every time I prescribe for them.

  • MALLU REDDY commented  · 

    It would be nice if there was a pharmacy detail section where staff can update pharmacy information.

  • Dr Glen Shapiro commented  · 

    Please create a link in the profile for the office staff to input the patient's preferred pharmacy, and have it come up automatically when e-scribing, instead of having the provider have to add it.

  • Marcus commented  · 

    I also agree. Majority of our patients use two of the pharmacies within our community. It would be great to have a "pharmacy history" tab.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Totally agree with this. We have this data in our prior system. Staff is preloading medications. Why cant they also preload preferred pharmacy. It is a time waster for MD to have to search and enter pharmacy at time of visit.

    Any work arounds for this?

  • Elizabeth Fitzgearld commented  · 

    Yes-there is nothing about this idea (license-wise) that should prevent a staff member from populating pharmacy. As long as they cannot sign the Rx, there's no issue.

  • Dr Rahul Gor commented  · 

    I agree 100%. During the pt intake we have to type the pharmacy in the notes section. The doctor, while writing the rx has to go to the notes section and enter the name of the pharmacy. Would be nice to have the data entered during the intake.

    It would also provide better data on the most commonly used pharmacies in the area and thus be helpful in tracking where they get their meds and for what reason.

  • Rosa commented  · 

    My suggestion is that there be a place where we can populate the pharmacy name & number so that when the physician E-scribes they can click on it & we know it's the correct one.

  • Justin commented  · 

    This would save me a ton of time and anger when having to click out of a med order to find the patient's pharmacy in a message or patient info.

  • Ms Lydia Rivera commented  · 

    drop down box to enter prefer pharmacy choice at the visit.

  • Dr Mark Komrad commented  · 

    "I sometimes end up with more than one pharmacy in a patient's profile when they change pharmacies (which happens alot!). Then it gets confusing for me the next time I renew a prescription. I don't know which is the new pharmacy and which is the old". There needs to be a way to DELETE old pharmacies no longer used to minimize this confusion. I have a couple of times used the wrong pharmacy because of the obsolete pharmacies that remain on the list.

  • Ms Ann Henry commented  · 

    My "work around" for this - in the Past Medical History section of the summary page I put the patient's preferred pharmacy in the Preventative Care box, not ideal, but it works

  • Anonymous commented  · 


  • Andrea commented  · 

    Deleting pharmacies from the long list (that seems to change annually when a patient changes their rx insurance) would be very helpful too!

  • Dr Kim Lane commented  · 

    Please make an way to allow patient to indicate pharmacy of preference- maintain that in the prescription ordering portion of the chart-including on intake forms as part of medical record is good idea
    also when searching for pharmacy -allo town or zip code look up.

  • Dr Serena Puga commented  · 

    I need to be able to access pharmacy info often times when I need to call something in that I cannot prescribe electronically (yeah, thanks practice fusion for getting on that ECPS feature) or fax something to a pharmacy that I again, can't prescribe electonically. It would help ameliorate some of the clunkiness of still not being able to send controlled substances electronically

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Have a specific section where the patient's pharmacy may be recorded in the profile

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    We need this for sure

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