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Patient Preferred Pharmacy

I would like to be able to add and update pharmacies for patients. At this time the doctor is having to do this when sending meds, it would be a great help to the doctor if the staff were able to manage the pharmacy during the intake process or prior to the doctor seeing the patient.

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Ms susan sebzda shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Mrs Maricela Fardales commented  · 

    I would like that the pharmacy info could be inserted into the profile of the patient and managed from there instead of only being able to see the pharmacy only when you order the medication

  • Trish commented  · 

    Would love to be able to Delete OLD UNUSED PHARMACIES from patient list. VERY time consuming when a med is sent to the old ( listed) pharmacy by mistake.

  • Ms Lori Whiteside commented  · 

    We need this!!! It is most helpful to have this info in the patients info.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    this is a perfect idea for the pharmacy name and number/fax in the medication area of practice fusion. I usually add it for everyone

  • Ms Tracy Schmidt commented  · 

    Allowing staff with the correct access level to add pharmacy to patient chart. The ability to eprescribe is not always necessary or wanted to be done by staff.. This should be a choice (box) that can be checked in the access levels.

  • Stephen Brick commented  · 

    Have the patience pharmacy information in the chart prior to the encounter with the provider. This would save a considerable amount of time daily.

  • Mrs Jennifer Bowman commented  · 

    It would be nice to have a place to put the pts pharmacy phone number that I can find quickly-like maybe on Profile page.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    The inability of my stuff to add pharmacy information to the system has caused a lot of slow down for me while seeing patients, it would be great if this can be changed, I know other physicians who would also like to see that changed.

  • Dr Eliezer Eisenberger commented  · 

    Currently the physician needs to search for the pharmacy when sending in a medication, this is time consuming and there is no reason that the front desk or ancillary staff cnat do this on their own so I can breeze through prescription writing

  • Mrs Kris C commented  · 

    Please put a field in the patient profile that will record the patients Pharmacy info. It should be part of the patients demographic if mandatory.

  • Dr S commented  · 

    It would be helpful to have the ability to delete old pharmacy listings on a patient's chart/E-prescribe. This would reduce errors in sending E-scripts to an old pharmacy that is no longer the patient's preference.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Allowing our staff to be able to enter the patient's pharmacy info before seeing the doctor would save a lot of time for the doctor.

  • Deedee commented  · 

    I have pt that have multiply pharmacies in pf. I would like to delete the pharmacy thats not being used at the time.

  • Mrs Niki Jalisi commented  · 


  • Dr Anthony Orlando commented  · 

    Agreed. Having the pharmacy already available will streamline patient encounters.

  • Tomika commented  · 

    I agree. We should be able to enter the patient's preferred pharmacy under the patient profile tab.

  • Dr Marjorie Condon commented  · 

    It is ridiculously time consuming to search a pharmacy by zipcode. Most of my patients do not live in the zip code where their pharmacy is located. If the patient's preferred pharmacy can be entered and saved in the patient profile this would help save time when entering erx.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    I would like to be able to delete a patient's old pharmacy and not just enter another one. Patients move or change pharmacies and removing the prior pharmacy would be nice. Thanks

  • Brent commented  · 

    We need to be able to enter a Patient Preferred Pharmacy prior to sending ERx to make Practice Fusion an efficient EHR. Should be standard in any EHR.

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