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Free text in Environmental Allergies

There is a somewhat limited selection of environmental allergies. It would be nice to have a free text selection for the allergies. Ex: unable to add allergy for shampoo due to missing selection in pull down list.

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Betty Alajajian shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • William Gilmer commented  · 

    free text for "allergies" of all kinds is still necessary. not all "reactions" are "allergies", some are just patient preferences, treatment failure, or simple dislike of a particular medication. I need a place to record those comments for future reference.

  • Lisa commented  · 

    Seriously, why is there no free text for elemental allergies? Bees, Wasps, Tape, and Latex allergies are common and a simple addition of these would be not only reasonable, but important

  • Teri Martin commented  · 

    Your list for allergies is too limited. Let us free-text it in.

  • Dr Cheryl Coldwater commented  · 

    This would be very important for severe allergies to uncommon substances.

  • Karen commented  · 

    Add bee/wasp stings please. This is common.

  • Dr Noel commented  · 

    unable to add allergy to bee stings

  • Michelle Seale commented  · 

    I agree with wanting ability to free text allergies. There is no selection for Bee Stings in environmental allergies or anywhere that I can find.

  • Dr Kim Lane commented  · 

    Free text for all allergy areas and for reaction- come do not recall severity or exact reaction -would be helpful also faster if could add to pollens like spring pollen or late summer pollen or fall pollen- for example.

    Thank you.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    There is no place for BEE STING for environmental allergies and this is quite important!!

  • Darwin Boor, MD commented  · 

    Some common allergies should be including in the standard lists (ex. bee sting, wasp sting). Contact our allergists for their suggested inclusions to the list.

  • Dr Kim Lane commented  · 

    free text ability for drugs, food and environmental allergens

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