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Different Intake Forms for different Appointment Types or Per Patient

I want to be able to attach certain types of Intake forms to certain types of appts or patients. It would be awesome for example if from the schedule I could select from my pre-created intake templates which type of form to send that particular patient.

This would mean I could select my "new patient intake" for new patients. Then for a follow up patient I could select an intake template that was specific to their diagnosis. For example a patient who has anxiety and depression could receive questions about anxiety and depression symptoms while a patient with ADHD could receive questions about their focus and concentration. This would be extremely useful and save tons of time in a visit since we'd already know what topics to focus on in the visit prior to the patient's arrival.

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Danielle Marie shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
Acknowledged  ·  Matthew Douglass responded  · 

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  • David J Cooper MD commented  · 

    This is a much needed upgrade for our 16000 pt Pediatric Practice. We have many age specific forms (Teen Screens, ASQ3, ADD evaluations, Maternal depression ...... etc.) that we need to have filled out. Scanning is killing us ! We are subscribers to PF and have committed our Practice to its use in the long term. This is the single most important upgrade that we need.
    David J Cooper MD PhD

  • Mr Christopher Bradshaw commented  · 

    Please include an option, while creating a Custom Intake Form, to selected which appointment type it associates with. Very Simple concept. This is a MUST for any paid subscription. To send a Detailed Intake Form to a follow up is absurd. We should have the option to select the Appointment Type associated with the Custom Forms.

  • Amy commented  · 

    In my option (and the opinion of 330 others), this is the most important change and update! Please and thank you!

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Also want multiple forms to be sent on initial intake
    Hippa received
    Consent for email communication
    Consent for testimonials
    New patient demographics
    New patient evaluation forms
    Pain scales
    Patient consent for release of information to parent or relative.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    We really need to have the ability to have several different intake forms. To only offer on intake form for every patient is unacceptable with a paid subscription EMR. We need intake forms that we can assign to each patient just like we do with a preferred pharmacy. Thanks

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    has this been fixed yet?

  • Maria Danilychev commented  · 

    99.99% of all medical practices only use intake forms for NEW patients. Having each patient fill out the exact same intake form for each confirmed (follow-up) appointment simply does not make sense.

    PS: having an ON/OFF option for an intake form for each appointment type, would instantly solve this issue.

  • Whitney commented  · 

    IT would be so helpful to have different intakes for different appointment types. As it is, everybody gets the same one no matter what they are coming in for.

  • Dr Julie Konowitz-Sirkin commented  · 

    This feature would be extremely helpful. We are currently trying to achieve PCMH recognition and this would allow for us to attach all of the required forms/evaluations required. Another option would be if we were able to send these templates as a patient message for the patient to be able to fill out in the office. I also agree that this is something that should be able to be done on a tablet while in the office, other than having the patient only receive the forms via an appointment confirmation e-mail.

  • Dr. T commented  · 

    I've just created my 1st Intake Form and it is now ACTIVE. I wold like to have more than one ACTIVE Intake form? Is there a way to designate what type of form gets automatically sent for a specific type of appointment? For instance, a new patient appointment is only a new patient once, so a New Patient Intake Form would only be sent out for a New Patient appointment. A sick or problem visit of an established patient requires a different kind of Intake form. So what is possible? If different intake forms can not be automatically connected to specific appointment types, then can one select which intake form (if one can have more than one) is assigned to the appointment when it is made and entered into the EHR? Looking forward to your creating more than one Intake form and the ability to link it to specific different types of appointments (New Pt, Urgent visit, follow up, Well checkup, etc). Thank you.

  • Katherine commented  · 

    YES! This would be amazing! Save a lot of time and effort and make things efficient. Would increase peoples use of practice fusion for sure!

  • Nisha P commented  · 

    It will be a great feature

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    This is a really needed feature to make the online intake template form work.
    For now, only one form could be set, we can't do really put much questions not knowing what kind of patient they are.
    For instance, I created "New patient intake form" including all insurance and demographics. But I stopped using this feature after finding out that this will be sent out to every patients. Since lots of existing patients will be annoyed by getting same questionnaire.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    I would also like this feature. Nothing is ever as simple as it seems, but this feature appears like it should be fairly straightforward as there are options in the database for appointment type when scheduling appointment. I think there are five options right now including "followup" and "new intake." So having the database link different pre-appointment forms to different scheduling options should be simple and extremely worthwhile considering the time saved and organization.
    Please implement this option! Thanks and Happy New Year!

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Different form based on different type of appointment. Initial Evaluation form different than SOAP note, than Suboxone note, than Homework check, etc...

  • NP commented  · 

    different intake forms that we can choose to send to new patients would be amazing.

    If you clicked on add new patient, if one the first options after entering name, email, then option pops up to click on "send patient intake form A, B, C"

    also auto populate questions we create in the intake form to areas of the H&P where we choose

  • Lisa commented  · 

    I too see both adult and pediatric clients and need to distinguish between the two intakes. As well as the new patient and the followup. Please implement this. I have spent the last couple of hours trying to figure out how to do this only to find that it has not be implemented!

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