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Custom Reports

We need to be able to create user (admin) defined reports against the entire database.

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Mr Ray Harrison shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
Acknowledged  ·  Matthew Douglass responded  · 

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  • Ms Jennifer Schomaker commented  · 

    The reports are very limited. The fact that you cannot customize a report for more than 4 or 5 variables is kind of sad. We need to be able to do so much more.

  • Kyle Warren commented  · 

    I second Carl Smith. Practice Fusion has a plethora of data, yet there is no way for providers to access much of it. If there was a way to download comprehensive data files, then we could use other programs to generate reports with the specific data we need. My practice is currently trying to consolidate our three EMRs to the use of Practice Fusion alone; the inflexible reporting is the only feature that will not allow us to do this.

  • Mr Carl Smith commented  · 

    If you are unable to provide more options for custom reports, then please allow us a way to download data files so we can write reports in another application. We need to be able to access the data to improve practice management. By reading the other comments on this topic it is clear that the current PF "one-size fits all" for reporting is not an effective solution. Thanks.

  • Gloria McPherson commented  · 

    There are many free clinics that are required to submit demographics reports to their donors. Reports that include (zip codes), top 10 diagnosis, number of appointments in a year, number of unduplicated patients seen in a year, and more. These clinics exist to help the uninsured and they use Practice Fusion but are being forced to find other systems that provide better reporting. Please help free clinics so they can continue to help the uninsured.

  • Joanne commented  · 

    I'd like to be able to run reports of everyone scheduled for a specific time period. And then I'd like to be able to run reports every day that show what appointments changed since the last time I ran the report.

  • Mr Eric Coley commented  · 

    Ability to identify patients for tracking and to provide reminders for follow up patient care consultations after the patient has returned to work.

  • Carrie Landess, MD commented  · 

    Our clinic needs to produce a report for varying time periods showing total numbers of each type of encounter.

  • Dr Angus Matheson commented  · 

    My Office manager would like a cycle time report, and many other reports from the business side. would you be willing to make those business reports available? We would like to know where we are slow, how long it takes a message to be taken care of, issues like that which could make our pratice better. I know the system is free on the medical side, those seem very reasonable to charge for. The way you see the meta data to people who want that.

  • Dr Rebecca Berzow commented  · 

    to be able to sort, print reports or import them into other programs

  • Ms Nicole Jones commented  · 

    Need an option to run reports with multiple Dx codes, multiple providers and custom age range.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Zip codes! I simply want to run a zip code report to see where our patients are coming from. The info is in PF but I can't run a simple report. Ugh!

  • Paul Ambar commented  · 

    Allow us to export any captured data to Excel or PDF. I was looking to export patient demo with insurance info. But the insurance info is not available. If you allow customizations, then we can run any kind of reports we want.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Would be super beneficial to be able to customize reports based on certain criteria of my choosing. For example, it would be helpful to know number of New Patient Visits in a certain time period, or new patient visits with certain insurance, etc...

  • Paul Ambar commented  · 

    If you guys could really provide some robust reporting and much more exporting capability - that would be awesome

  • Dr Axel Arroyo Rodriguez commented  · 

    There is no doubt that the main databases are plenty of variables and info that are important for practice administration. An Ad-Hoc Report engine is a MUST!
    I'm trying to get info from the scanty data available through your current reports, but is very superficial. PLEASE, we need it soon. Thanks

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    I would like to be able to write ad hoc reports for information that I need in the practice.

  • Sarah Bolton commented  · 

    We need a report that merges the report on SOAP notes/dates for each patient, that can be sorted by age!

  • Beth Johnson commented  · 

    Is there a way to view all patients included in a reporting period, i.e. patients included in the meaningful use dashboard report for the selected time period?

  • Adam Law commented  · 

    This is similar to a question about using a fully relational database. For example - if I want to know who has LDL cholesterol levels >100 mg/dl or all those patients living in a particular street.

  • Ms Jeannie Polacco commented  · 

    need more report options.
    I want to run a report by doctor.
    I want to be able to run a report by A1c.
    I want to be able to run a report by insurance, age, etc

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