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Customizable Patient Education and Reports

Reports should be generated for the patient also making it portable to the next physician.

Eyes-- Opthamology report
ENT report or audiology report
Chest; Chest X ray report
Heart: Echocardiogram; Stress test, EKG reports
Abd: Colonoscopy report
Ext. Vascular studies
Neuro:Migraines MRI negative for

Your personal health record indicates that you are over weight with a BMI of 35. A link to weight reduction diets approved by the physician. Exercise program suggestions.

You indicated that you are a smoker of cigarettes. You should consider stopping and we suggest these measures.

You have a family history of colon cancer. A colonoscopy is due.

So from the patient perspective and the information they can get from the results would be helpful.

Certain reports for students with immunizations and etc for high school and college.

I would like Practice Fusion to be able to generate a patient friendly report from the personal medical record of the patient that is consumer friendly with important health information.

Use yourselves as examples of what you want to see in your annual physical or job entry physical. Do you have a report of your check up? for your health for like can now be generated for your cars health?

Reports for physicians should have all this information ad what is needed for the insurance quality control.
HgA1c every quarter for diabetics,etc.

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cAREY gREEN md shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
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  • Edward Taubman commented  · 

    My previous EMR vendor had a feature called "Report Card" that the patients really liked and I don't see anything like it in PF. What I really liked about it was that it was extremely customizable and anything with a value could be displayed as a mini graph and each graph came with a customizable legend as to what was normal or ideal and patients with different medical conditions could have different graphs displayed. So imagine you are a patient with diabetes, HTN, an elevated PSA and serum calcium. Your report (which we would routinely print at the end of each visit and hand to them) on one side would have graphs showing their trending weights, BP, HgBA1C, PSA and Calcium; so at a glance both patient and doctor could see how the parameters we were tracking FOR THEM were doing. On the other side of the paper were a listing of their diagnoses, medications, and medication allergies and also a place for any instructions. "your diabetes is doing better but your PSA continues to rise; please f/u w your urologist and see me again in three months - also remember to get your routine colonoscopy as you are overdue"

    Giving the patients a report card in hand (not requiring them to go into a portal) reinforced to them what we had just talked with actionable goals; plus was something they could reference between visits and show to other doctors.

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