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Display DOB and PRN in all places Patients are selected

Can patient record numbers be added to the document screen when scanning documents and other places patients are selected? We use the record numbers to identify which documents need to be assigned to which drs. As the moment it just shows patient's name. It would be helpful to know what dr. needs to sign off on the document.

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  • J Steve Mayo commented  · 

    This is VITAL and URGENT --- For example, we have John X. Doe & John W. Doe and have no way of distinguishing them when creating a NEW MESSAGE. Please display full name, PRN, DOB, or something to help distinguish patients of the same name.

    Our bandaid solution is to modify the FirstName to "John X" and "John W" but that can only be done once we discover that there are two patients with similar names.

  • Alan Levinstone MD commented  · 

    When you have people with the same name and no other identifier showing in the lookup for secure messaging, you have no idea which name is the correct one to send the secure message. This omission voids the utility of secure messaging.

  • C. Williams commented  · 

    Messages initiated by patients do not include any patient information except name. We have many patient with the same first and last name and have no way of knowing which patient sent the message. We then have to call all of the patients with this name until we find out who sent the message. This is also a problem when sending a message out. If more than one patient with the same name has activated their patient fusion account there is no way to tell which one to choose to send the message through.

  • Christina commented  · 

    We would like the patients record number to come up in the search field when you are uploading a document to a chart. As it is right now, you only get the Patient ID, DOB, and Phone. We would even suggest replacing the phone number with the record number.

    When we see patients for car accidents or workers comp we create a new chart to keep those records separate from their regular charts. When uploading documents, we cannot tell which chart we are uploading to.

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