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Specify ordering provider in lab ordering

We're starting to really work on possibly making the transition to electronic ordering for lab, since labcorp is going to make that possible soon. There are a couple of things I noticed are missing from the webinar and the tutorial video.

Because there's no longer a forums, this isn't an ideal place to ask these questions or present these issues, but short of opening a ticket, I'm not sure how else to present them.
1--We often order follow up labs months in advance. How does one order labs to be done 3 months from now? That wasn't reviewed in either the webinar or tutorial

2--And this is more important, I think: How do we specify providers for the lab order? We have one account that's for the practice, but often the plan will include instructions for follow up date and which labs should be done in advance. The support staff then fill out the requisition and check the provider who is ordering the lab. Does the provider have to be the one to generate the order? Or is there no way for a support person to generate the order on our behalf and choose us as the requesting provider?

If the staff cannot do that, then I definitely see this as a needed feature.

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  • Keely Godwin, MD commented  · 

    Actually I submitted this idea, and I think I actually found where it can be done already, so you can pretty much disregard this.

  • Adminatinney (Admin, Practice Fusion) commented  · 

    Hi there -

    1 - Ordering follow up labs
    This is currently under consideration to be added to our ordering functionality as I understand it's a much needed feature.

    2 - Allowing staff to place orders/specify requesting provider
    Anyone in your practice can place an order and specify both the primary provider for the patient as well as the ordering provider. These drop downs are available on the last page of the order prior to submitting.

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