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Allow lab and imaging orders to be created directly from a SOAP note/visit encounter

When patients come in for their visits, we will often make a plan for them that includes imaging, lab or even referrals. Unfortunately there is no way to do this directly from the encounter for that visit, nor is it recorded in that encounter. We can order medications during a specific encounter and it's recorded as having been done then, we should also be able to order lab and imaging.
If a patient comes in with an ankle injury and I order an xray for it, I have to document it in my plan by writing "will order xray" and then I have to click out of the note (hopefully it was saved!) and then click to the enter imaging order window. Once that's done and printed, I have to go back to the note. I know it's just a few seconds, but a few seconds on every patient adds up to minutes and then hours lost.
Also, you would have documentation in that chart on that date that imaging/lab were ordered, and I no longer have to type out, "will obtain ankle films" or "will check CBC," etc.

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Keely Godwin, MD shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
Resolved  ·  Aliza responded  · 

Hello everyone – As of 2/16/2017, we have introduced a new section in the encounter note: your practice can now add, track, and review lab and imaging orders directly within a chart note, allowing you to see a more holistic view of your patient visits with fewer clicks.

You can read more about how to add or create a lab or imaging order here:


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  • Ms Wanda Brown commented  · 

    Lab orders synced with plan and soap note as medication orders currently are.

  • Adminatinney (Admin, Practice Fusion) commented  · 

    Hi there -

    From the encounter, you can invoke a lab order much as you would from the rest of the patient profile by selecting Actions > Add lab order. From the order summary screen, you can also select a chart note to associate the order with an encounter.

    Hope that helps!

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