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Patient Intake Forms without Registering

Patients do not want to have to remember another username and password.

Please allow patients to submit new patient forms online without having to register for a Patient Fusion account. Their name and DOB should just be automatically linked to the chart in Practice Fusion, just like when the request appointments online.

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Dr Jason Winston shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
Acknowledged  ·  Matthew Douglass responded  · 

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  • Ms Raelyn Mortellaro commented  · 

    Yes!! all of our clinics are walk-in/same day and our patients barely have cell phones let alone access to internet/e-mails. We would also love to be able to pull up the intake forms for the patients as soon as they come into the clinic on a company iPad or something along those lines.

  • Holly commented  · 

    We prefer to verify a patients insurance, that way the patient knows what to expect when becoming a patient with us. We can not use the PF intake forms because it would confuse patients to have an appointment to fill out their intake forms, but it not being an actual appointment to see the NP they are trying to get an appointment with. Please change this setting so that an appointment is not required, only an email to fill out their intake forms. Thank you.

  • Kristan commented  · 

    Need to have an embedded link we can use on our website to allow patients to fill out intake forms

  • Melissa commented  · 

    I am not able to even offer this to my clients because it requires the account set up. Patients do not want another account with passwords to remember. It is already too overdone and people are avoiding products and services that require this.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    We work with mostly homeless patients who seldom have text messaging or email access, and need a way to complete the intake process in the practice. Please add this capability to PF!!

  • Mr Joshua Rozovsky commented  · 

    We have a lot of patients who refuse to share their email addresses or don't have one. Many are elderly, homeless or concerned about online access, or are walk-in patients. We want to set up computers in the waiting area with partitions to allow patients to complete intake paperwork electronically while waiting for the provider. Allowing patients to fill out such forms from home, online is great but neglects the real need for these electronically-fillable forms (replacing paper ones on-site).

  • Steph commented  · 

    I have an external scheduling software that we're well established with. Without being redundant entering their info into another schedule, it would be great to have a general link to the online PF intake form we can independently send to New Patients in their automated email confirmation.

    If there is any way to get patients this link without needing to take extra steps to sign in or sign up, that would make the most sense.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Please make this available.

  • F Patricia McEachrane-Gross commented  · 

    This is important. Our practice needs to have the New Patient Intake Form completed before we make an appointment because I review it before I see them. So currently, I cannot use the form I created for New Patient Intake.

  • Dr Daniel Benson commented  · 

    great idea - even better would be to have an embedded link we can use on our website to allow patients to fill out intake forms

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    yes, this would be very helpful if they can just get a link to the form through their email instead of registering

  • Dr Faiq Hasan commented  · 

    Our practice has a lot of Medicare patients who are elderly and not very comfortable or even computer literate and cannot do this without some help and lot of them don't even want to create or have to deal with emails. It would be very good if our office staff could help them along with this process when they arrive for their appointment. Please implement this. This is extremely important and I am sure a lot of PCPs serving medicare patients will agree.

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