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"Add Another" Diagnosis and Medication

When documenting in a patient's chart, I can click on the "Add Another" button when I'm done adding an allergy. I would like this functionality for Diagnoses and Medications as well.

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Syrita shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Dr manjushree dey commented  · 

    When entering medications list, I would like an ADD Another feature like the allergies have. This would be very helpful.

  • Dr Rajagopalan Rajaraman commented  · 

    In the allergies section and in diagnosis section, there is a "add another" button.
    Can you please add this "add another " bottom to medication entry area also. This will save a lot of time while entering multiple medications. Thank you

  • DrLorilee commented  · 

    Totally agree with everyone here. It's so time-consuming to add medications without the "add another" tab, that we're deciding whether to abandon the function altogether and just enter in the body of a chart note, pulling forward for next visit.

  • Dr William Thorneloe commented  · 

    I thought this obvious idea was unique to me. The entry of medication lists is quite clutzy with repeated visitation of "Edit" in the Medication listing.

  • Mrs Marina Travalja commented  · 

    I see that you can add another allergy or diagnosis but I really would like this for adding medications to lists. It would half my clicking and documentation time!

  • Dr James Wilentz commented  · 

    As with add another diagnosis there should be an option to add another medication. This is key and avoids endless scrolling.

  • Dr Nathaniel Lawson commented  · 

    How do I enter multiple medications rapidly in the medications module. I currently have to hit "Done" after each medication is added. Is there a plan to add "Save and add another medication" option as with when entering multiple diagnoses? Unfortunately most patients I see on initial visit these days have on average 10-30 medications!

  • Ms Damaris Vieira commented  · 

    Makes it easier to add meds without having to start over.

  • Mrs Jennifer Matheny commented  · 

    When entering medications it would save a lot of time to have the option to click from that screen to add another medication besides having to click "done" and then go back to the summary page and click "record" again. The feature was just added to do this with diagnosis and it would save a lot of time to do it with medication as well.

  • Dr Helen Lee commented  · 

    We see a lot of elderly patients who come in with a list of 20+ meds. It would save time and frustration if we could just "add another" med from the medication entry screen. Instead, right now we have to click to enter the med, find the med, then save it to exit out of that screen, and then click again to add a new medication and so on. It's an extra step we have to do 10-20 times for many patients. This would be great!

  • Christa Hiles commented  · 

    I am usually entering more medications than allergies for patients, the "Add Another" feature would greatly enhance the medication recording process!

  • Ron Channell commented  · 

    Adding this tab would save alot of time in going back and forth. The same should be done with diagnoses

  • Dr Melissa Black commented  · 

    Maybe I am entering new patient meds wrong? From the summary screen I click the + button and enter the med name & choose frequency, route from drop down list. I type in indication but it doesn't auto fill. For example, if I type in hypoth then hypothyroidism should appear in the drop down list to select, but I have to type out the whole think. Then, I have the choice of clicking order or done. If I click done, I leave the med entry box and go back to profile screen and have to click + to enter the next med. I should be able to just click one button like "save" and go right in to entering the next med. It is extremely time consuming to enter meds as structured data like this, so even saving one click per drug saves a lot of time.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Need ADD ANOTHER button in the Medication list like you have in the allergies section when entering a patient's meds. Now they must be entered one at a time and the whole section reopened!!

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    I was thinking this same thing would be a great idea. It would make it so much easier when you have to add alot of medications.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    I desperately need to be able to add both medications and diagnoses to a chart note with repeated clicks. This current requirement is starting to re-activate my repetitive strain injury.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    For an initial visit could medications that we enter under Medications be incorporated into the note without having to click them in? Same for Diagnoses.

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