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Voice Dictation

It would be helpful for us to have voice-activated typing to speed up typing in the EHR.

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  • Matthew A Cupp commented  · 

    Here is your free voice recognition that is better than Dragon. Only works on Chrome Browser.

    You have to use Chrome as your browser. The address above is to google documents. Plug in a microphone, hit control-shift-s and start talking. When you are done talking hit Control-a to select the text google voice just typed. Next hit control-c to copy it to clipboard. Place your cursor where you want it in Practice Fusion and hit control-v to paste it there.

    You are welcome.

  • Kurtis Fox MD commented  · 

    There seems to be little information re: Dictation into PF
    I need to speed this up or do something else.
    Do Macs work better?
    I can dictate limited info with my Ipad
    My arthritis is getting to me also.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Yes dictation would be great!!!

  • Dr. Janet Webster-Call commented  · 

    I agree fully with the use of some type of dictation system. This is 2017, technology has proven to be effective with cost/time savings. At the least, the providers should have the option to purchase their own system and integrate it into Practice Fusion.

  • PHILLIP KURELLO commented  · 

    I need a dictation system because of arthritis in my hands. Any news on DICTATTION ?

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    I agree with my colleagues, we really need to speed up the SOAP note formation. Dictation directly into PF while we are examining the patient would save so much time. With even more computer work coming our way with MIPS, voice dictation would help us meet MIPS goals without working into the night and getting paid even less every year!

  • James Cafferty commented  · 

    Really we need an application version of PF that works on a phone that we can dictate directly into. Either PF cooperates with a dictation service to provide this or creates its own internally (preferable if it can be done well). In todays day and age there is no reason I shouldn't be able to speak my notes right into my phone and be done.

  • Bob Lizer MD commented  · 

    I use Dragon version 11.5 and can dictate reasonably well into Practice Fusion.
    I read in other reviews that they block this beginning with version 12.
    I believe this was an attempt to force the purchase of the medical version.
    My version puts up a pop-up at least once a day inviting me to, "Update," but if you do, it will block Practice Fusion and you cannot go back.

  • Gerald Zelikovsky, MD commented  · 

    Recently Tried Using Dragon NS with PF EHR. No luck on either browser. There appears to be a restriction. Is there anyone who uses Dragon Med or Nat.Sp. with the EHR with success?

  • drjosephinejasper commented  · 

    Dragon is no longer allowing physicians to use the Naturally Speaking version on the EHR. This version allowed the physician to create their own library. Now Dragon will only allow the medical version on Practice Fusion-which makes them a monopoly and which costs almost $2000 dollar. Solo practitioners cannot afford this and these corporate companies are only limiting our abilities as physicians to help the patient. Please allow the free dictation soft wares to be used on the EHR so we can complete our jobs and care for our patients.

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