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Custom Supplement List

Many offices prescribe supplements that are not on the medication list. It would save so much time to be able to input and save a list of supplements we carry at our office.

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Adrienne shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Sheri Schreiber commented  · 

    Yes, this would be very helpful! Our provider would like to create a favorites list for supplements she frequently prescribes. This would also avoid her having to type each one into the plan, if the items could be accessed while documenting. That list could be utilized by the medical assistants to update the medication list as well.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Whether every doctor prescribes them or not, the vast majority of patients are taking food supplements that are a relevant item to have included on their medications list. Having to enter each and every one from scratch every time is an unacceptable burden on all providers attempting to meet charting guidelines. An even bigger burden on NDs and integrative MD/DOs who regularly prescribe biochemical medicines in addition to pharmacological ones. We need to be able to have customizable supplement/medication data base that can be accessed by everyone in our practice in the same way the medications list works now. Must Have!!!

  • Dr Jessi Bramstedt commented  · 

    THIS is a MUST!!! it would save so much time to have custom Rx's and supplements saved just like the custom documents and templates. please help make this a change

  • Gary Petro commented  · 

    It could easily be done with a bar code scanner and inventory module

  • Dr Gina Carlotti commented  · 

    I have worked with other EMR systems that had a large database of non-prescription medications, nutraceuticals, supplements, etc. I use these DAILY in my practice and spend way too much time typing and re-typing these into each individual chart. (I often include ingredients of combination products in the comments section... it gets tedious) Even if there were a way to save my favorites, that would be a huge step in the right direction.

  • Erica commented  · 

    Yes, please add a place to log supplements that patient's are taking. It would be really helpful to have this available in the chart. Thanks!

  • Misha kogan commented  · 

    Same in our office we have supplements and would
    Love to customize this

  • Dr. Deirdre Orceyre commented  · 

    Yes PLEASE!!!!
    We are wasting tons of time re-entering the same supplements over and over!

  • Darwin Boor, MD commented  · 

    We prescribe and our patients take/use many items that are not medications - ex. supplements, CPAP, splints, helmets, walkers, ...

    Since PF cannot customize the medication list, give use a second list where we can track those other items.

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