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Restrict Duplicate Diagnoses

It would be great if the system would not let us add a diagnosis if it is already active on the patient's chart

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Dr Mitchell Akman shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
Acknowledged  ·  Matthew Douglass responded  · 

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  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Agree, this would be very helpful

  • Dr Nunziata Raschella commented  · 

    Agree, very messy looking when printing chart to send to other Dr's, should be a simple fix!

  • Ms Myra Howard commented  · 

    Yes, this is quite a time consuming issue for some who may look for the diagnosis but miss it.
    While here,What does terminal mean in diagnosis. Would that eliminate the problem?

  • Dr James Stallone commented  · 

    I agree... There is no reason to have duplicate diagnoses for chronic diseases.
    This is a simple fix and this problem severely affects work flow.

  • Teresa Naleway commented  · 

    Totally Agree!! Although I look every time before entering, I sometimes overlook that it is there.

  • Kathy commented  · 

    This is a real problem. Please address ASAP

  • Dr Dan Fisher commented  · 

    Alert is definitely a requirement. The merge feature would be great. We have many charts with several duplicate entries. The lists have become unmanageable.

  • Dr Debra Coplon commented  · 

    Can you alert us the same way you alert us regarding a duplicate medication?

  • DG commented  · 

    This is especially important now that ICD10 is here....

  • Dr Ivan Carreras commented  · 

    I have sometimes selected a new diagnosis for a patient without realizing it was added on a prior encounter, having now the same diagnosis listed twice on the patient's history. They cannot be deleted because the note was already signed. First, this should not be allow to happen, the system should me able to recognized it as duplicate; second, I should be allow to either delete one of them or to merge them.

  • Dr Marc Tanenbaum commented  · 

    I agree; I would rather be able to add dates of recurrence for the same problem instead of additional diagnoses entries, e.g. otitis media, URI's. Dates of recurrence for one posted Diagnosis is more readily appreciated, that the same diagnosis with start & ending dates throughout the diagnosis list.

  • Dustin commented  · 

    when attaching a mental health diagnosis to a clinical note, it shouldn't be not be added to the list of diagnosis unless a similar diagnosis had an end date added to it.

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