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Additional Customizations of the Patient Summary Display

I like the customization of the summary page, but we could use a further breakdown: ie chronic vs acute diagnosis. I would like to remove every cold and bronchitis they had but I want to see their heart disease. Also a breakdown of appointments- pending is very useful but past is mostly a repeat of encounters. Also med allergies are more important to me than food for my summary page.

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Acknowledged  ·  Matthew Douglass responded  · 

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  • J Steve Mayo commented  · 

    Please include pending appointment requests, from Patient Fusion, in the appointments list. Clicking on a pending request would best open directly to that request to approve it etc...

  • Melissa Fuhr commented  · 

    When you cancel an appointment using the drop down box on a specific day, it gives you a line to write reason patient or office cancelled appointment. It would be nice if the reason you provided on that line would appear on the patient summary report on the patients previous appointments. Not just no show. The reason there would be very helpful.

  • Ms Alexandra Caccavo commented  · 

    We would like to create custom sections in the summary that are unique to our practice.

  • Dr. Lee Forest commented  · 

    I would like to be able to customize the order of the diagnosis that are shown on the summary tab. This would allow me to easily see the most important diagnosis for each patient.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    As a psychiatrist I would like to note issues more relevant to psychiatric risks and prognostic factors. For instance, a Family History section would allow notation of family suicide(s), psychiatric illnesses and substance abuse issues. A Past Psychiatric History section would be the place to indicate whether the patient has attempted suicide or been psychiatrically hospitalized. Now the Social History only allows designation of smoking status. It would be helpful to permit addition of other substance(s) abused. Finally, it would be helpful to see at a glance what non-psychiatric medications the patient takes regularly.

  • Doctor B commented  · 

    I agree that putting Food and Environment Allergies on a different "Go to..." item, enabling them to be suppressed from the customized summary display, would be helpful. We don't have much practical use for those except for allergists and maybe pulmonologists or gastroenterologists.
    I also agree that Past Appointments is redundant. We can look at the Encounter list that's right there. Seeing Pending Appointments is very useful.
    The new Reminder function might be more useful if a scheduled reminder task and date also shows up on the Summary page above Pending Appointments, so that when Pending Appointments become Cancellations or No Shows there is an indication of what's due that we can see when, for instance, we're deciding how many refills we should approve to make sure the next refill request will cause us to verify that the needed appointment or preventive care has occurred.

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