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Microsoft Word-compatible text formatting

I will often write my note in Word and then copy/paste into the patient note. When I paste, the EHR inserts multiple line breaks where none existed previously. i.e. only a couple of words per line. I would like Practice Fusion to accept the formatting from Word.

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  • Dr Douglas Haas commented  · 

    I thought I was the only one who did this! I also compile large portions of the note in MS WORD where I find DRAGON NATURALLY SPEAKING operates more smoothly and autotext, autocorrect, and macro features save me time. It would be nice to maintain the formatting making a more readable and aesthetically pleasing note. I often end up readjusting indents and bullet lists once pasted to PF.

  • Ron Galyon commented  · 

    Over 90 % of my charts are reviewed by attorneys or legal organizations. Professional and pleasing appearance of my records is mandatory. Word allows customization and the ability to not only make it reader friendly but transfer from existing records on PC created in Word. As it is now when you copy/paste from a Word doc you lose some formatting

  • Dr Mitchell Akman commented  · 

    When copying and pasting from Microsoft Word into Practice fusion using Google Chrome, there are extra lines at the top of the paste and gibberish at the bottom.

  • Dr Mike Sandy commented  · 

    This is a significant issue. Even pasting text from one part of a note to another creates a lot of new spaces. It is extremely disruptive and annoying. Thanks for looking into it.

  • Dr Wali Gauvin commented  · 

    great idea - if this was possible,, we would also be able to copy and paste charts into PF from MS Word documents.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    When copying and pasting information from other sources into the new Practice Fusion, formatting is incredibly disrupted. This never used to happen before the change. Can it be remedied?

  • Beth commented  · 

    Before the latest update to Practice Fusion, I regularly copied and pasted from a Word document. Now I get the line break issue described above. It is very time consuming to fix. Since it was not a problem before, I would hope it would be a quick and easy fix to allow us to continue to copy and paste.

  • Alan Levinstone MD commented  · 

    Even cutting and pasting within a PF note now causes this issue. The larger the paste, the more white space is inserted before and after the pasted text.

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