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Attach Allergies to the Encounter

For charting; after you enter the allergy in the summary or SOAP note, there should be a similar box to the medications, "attach allergy to this encounter".

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Ashley Aguilar shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
Acknowledged  ·  Matthew Douglass responded  · 

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  • Ms Barbara Bishop commented  · 

    This is a very important aspect as it will carry over onto the notes sent to other providers!! It IS part of the history and needs to be part of the chart note always!!

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    I agree, allergies are an important part of the note and manually entering them on each note is not the answer.

  • Dr Jennifer Abraham commented  · 

    I appreciate the importance of having only one place to have allergies documented and i know that having them in a structured format is important when documenting Rxs to assure there are no possible allergies to those meds. However, we have lost the ability to transfer with one click the patients allergies onto an encounter note.
    Is there anyone working on being able to add allergies with one click to the subjective note? It is important to include that information especially when I am doing a preop consult to assure the procedurist has that information.
    thank you

  • Hi Mrs. Agrawal,

    To ensure you receive important interaction alerts when prescribing, we’ve recently improved our allergy workflow. Free-text allergies have been relocated from the patient’s Past Medical History (PMH) to your patient’s structured Allergy field on their Summary tab and encounter. As such, information recorded in the structured Allergy section will not be reflected in the PMH section and cannot be copied into an encounter via the 'Previous' tab. However, you may manually enter this information into the encounter. You can read more about our recent allergy updates here:

    Thank you for commenting on this idea. Our team is continuing to look for ways to improve our allergy entry.

  • Mrs Mamatha Agrawal commented  · 

    Since the most recent update where there is no free text allergy section, Allergies are coming up "not recorded" when you go to the Previous History section of the subjective in the SOAP note. Even if the structured allergy data is there, we are unable to add it to the subjective.

  • Mrs Amanda Koch commented  · 

    Allergies, medications, and patient history information should be able to be automatically pulled into SOAP note. this way when printing the notes, information is present. SOAP note format does not include the medications and allergies that were reviewed at time of patient visit.

  • Mindy commented  · 

    Allergies are very important elements for us to include in our printed encounter documents. Please add a check box to the allergy section that is similar to the ones you have in the dx and meds sections that will allow us to attach these to the encounter so if desired we can print them on the Encounter itself.

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