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Growth charts in the SOAP notes

With the new flowsheets, growth charts can't be easily accessed in SOAP notes.

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Dr Andy Bernstein shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
Acknowledged  ·  jross responded  · 

Hi Dr. Bernstein, you can still access growth charts from the go to menu, are you asking us to also have a link on the encounter for growth charts so you don’t have to used the Goto menu?


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  • Anonymous commented  · 

    please add growth chart as before, too time consuming to flip back and forth; in peds trend of growth needs viewed at every visit

  • eun choi commented  · 

    Please show it to encounter.

  • rosa commented  · 

    not even a link. Just have the percentiles automatically populate right next to the growth info

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    It's awful to have to leave the patient's current visit to see the growth chart. It's cumbersome and takes too much time to toggle back and forth. It was better in the vitals as it was.

  • Kevin J. Rodbell, MD commented  · 

    To clarify my last comment:
    I constantly refer to Growth Charts while charting. Please replace the growth charts INLINE, like they were before Flowsheets.

    Previously, once you had opened the growth charts, whatever you were doing in the chart, all you needed to do was scroll with your mouse back toward the top, and there they were! You could immediately resume typing, without interruption, and your screen jumps back to where you left off. You didn't lose your place, and you didn't have to re-open any notes or re-position the cursor.

    Consider how many steps it takes to view growth charts with the current set-up:

    Click Go To -----> Select Growth Charts (closes your current visit) -----> review growth charts ----->

    1. point and click to reselect visit ----->
    2. scroll (or select Go To), then
    3. point and click in order to return to the section where I was working ----->
    4. scroll, point, click to replace cursor ----->
    5. recollect thoughts (which I lost in the process of all the jockeying to look at the growth chart).
    (Number 5 is the biggest challenge).

    It was great the way it was! Please reinstate.
    Thanks for your TIMELY consideration!

  • Shashi Kumar, MD commented  · 

    Please add the growth chart like before. Also it is not updating the growth chart for current visit even after entering the values in flowsheet.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Can there just be the show and hide growth chart icon like there was before above the vitals?

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    yes, we need to access the growth charts from the SOAP note

  • Kathryn Sage, ND commented  · 

    Yes please! Easy access to growth charts is a must.

  • Dr Camele White commented  · 

    Having the link on the active encounter page does increase work flow and efficiency of use of PF. Please add it back to encounter page. Thanks

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Yes, I would like a link to the growth chart. either shows up in the note to open and minimize, or come out as a pop out.

  • Margaret commented  · 

    Yes, I agree with Dr. Bernstein. It was easily accessible before the flowsheet was added. Even though you can select it from the drop down menu, when you have to do this for every patient, it begins to take up time. We are a pediatric office so we use this every day for every patient. The flowsheet is a nice option to have but vital and the growth chart was just fine the way it was. This may not be a frequently used feature in most adult medicine but in peds it crucial. Please put growth chart back in the note. I would rather have that than the flowsheet in the note. Leave flowsheet as an option to be added if needed.

  • Quynh Kieu commented  · 

    Please give a link as an additional option so that we can stay on the same page so to speak

  • Dr Andy Bernstein commented  · 

    Yes. Having a link on the encounter, like was there before flowsheet implementation, made it easy to view a patient's growth chart right after entering the vitals -- something that useful for both parents and physicians. Otherwise we have to (1) save the note, (2) click "go to", (3) click "growth" and then after viewing the growth chart (4) click back to the note. With a link within the note like before, it's all in one click, and you're still in the note for charting.

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