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Add Past Medical History to Chart Note

It would be nice if we had an option to add past medical history to the soap note every time a soap note is created. Same goes for allergies.

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Acknowledged  ·  Matthew Douglass responded  · 

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  • Cheryl Eastman commented  · 

    I don't know if I want past medical history to every soap note but given the option to add it as needed.
    I think the allergies and meds should blow in.

  • Zakia Naz commented  · 

    Please autopopulate the PMHx section for all encounters OR provide a radio button to add PMHx to the current encounter.

  • Mrs BreAnna Talley commented  · 

    Certain CPT codes require PMH to be shown in the chart note - as it is now it does not print out with each encounter - which requires all of our providers to either reference the date the PMH was entered into a chart note (not the PMH section as this is not dated any where) or re-enter it into each encounter note in the subjective section. This makes the PMH section of the patient's chart additional work as it would need to be typed in twice on an intake and adjusted twice for each follow-up visit where there are changes. Our practice has decided not to use the PMH section of the patient's chart as it is double the work. PLEASE add this to the chart note, formatted - so you can actually read what has been entered.

    Thank you for the continued hard work and improvements!

  • Glaucoma Doc commented  · 

    With the new change (removing Allergies from the PMH section in the summary page and making it structured), we can't seem to add allergies right into the chart note from the "Previous--Past medical history" tab next to the "My Templates" tab. Under Allergies, it now says "Not recorded."

    This is doing us a disservice. I want to include this information in the body of my chart note (I don't want it attached to the encounter or appear in its own section).

    The field should still populate, whether with the name of the selected medication allergy in the structured allergy section, or with "No known drug allergies" if that option is selected in the chart summary page.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Past medical history and Family Medical history to autopopulate would be great.

  • Dr Mary Casals commented  · 

    We should be able to update social history as this is one aspect that tends to change frequently.

  • Rachel commented  · 

    It would be nice that the information we fill out about Past medical history, allergies, etc.. that is in the chart when we are working on it stayed in the chart when you sign it and not disappear. I have to write this in the subjective for each patient so that it stays attached to the chart.

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