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Scan Insurance Cards directly into Insurance Section

It would be great if we could scan insurance cards at check-in directly into the insurance section of the patient profile.

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Mrs Amanda Clifford Bogle shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
Acknowledged  ·  Matthew Douglass responded  · 

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  • Dr Mary Casals commented  · 

    It would be very helpful if the insurance card image also flows into our integrated billing software, NueMD.

  • DG commented  · 

    And then have the card (Front and back) uploaded into the patient's "Upload Doc" area as well for future reference if number didn't get scanned correctly.

  • Lesley Warren commented  · 

    Please add this feature. This would be another big step toward the paperless office. Could also eliminate up to a minute of check in time with patients.

  • Lonnie Veal commented  · 

    This is an important Necessity, especially for Primary Care Offices. Especially with HMO insurances, the Specialists don't have to worry about ID card because it's the PCP office that does the vetting processing FOR THE specialist when they issue the Referral.

    Added note-- ID Card Scanners already exist that automatically scan front and back of standard issue creditcard-sized ID cards. The ID card section of the Patient Profile would ideally be a Button that will display the PDF image at need. A Lot of Important Information such as Rx Management, Medical Management Phoen #'s are often in tiny print on the back of the card...and for a lot of insurances, this information varies depending on the individual policies within ONE Insurance.

    For a 'Best Use Practice', I would settle for TWO (Front & Back) ID card Images. One card would be the CURRENT Card and the second Card would be the PREVIOUS Insurance Card. Very Important for re-BILLING Purposes of older claims. If the staff scans in a NEW card, the earlier/second card is pushed out of the stack.

    Lastly, a lot of Insurances are on the Web...but a lot of the Patient's ID information is NOT NECESSARILY SO. And having an ID card can eliminate the need to log in and re-verify.

    Thank you

    (PS-- it would be a great pre-christmas gift if this function appeared just in time for Back to School!!!)

  • Piotr commented  · 

    Love the idea.

  • Dr Wali Gauvin commented  · 

    this would be useful.. this is in line with other request, regarding direct scanning into PF; both a definitely time saving themes which I hope will be implemented.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Scanning insurance cards directly into a patient's chart would be very helpful

  • Kristine commented  · 

    We need this feature. Please.

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