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Referral Information for Patient

We would like to have an option to give a referral letter to patient, in addition to the referral that is currently created for other physicians. The most important thing to add would be the doctor's address. Right know it's just phone, fax and email. If you allowed us to enter and save the specialist's address, it would be easier to give this to the patient as well.

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Rhonda Jordan shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
Acknowledged  ·  Matthew Douglass responded  · 

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  • HP commented  · 

    I consider this very important. Patient likes to have the referral paper on their hands with all the information on it.

  • Dr Ernest Isaacson commented  · 

    It would be helpful if you added a section in the patient profile to indicate from where the patient was referred, eg PCP vs internet vs other patient vs other sources. Would be even more helpful if this could be tracked via a report for tracking marketing.

  • Dr Michael Amirkiai commented  · 

    We need to keep track of our incoming patients sources. Not all patients are referred through Practice Fusion even for doctors who use Practice Fusion. We also do advertising and we like to find out if it is effective. We would like to keep track and have the capability to run reports.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    We like to keep track of our new incoming patient source such as doctor's referrals, online searches, online advertisements, friends, etc. We

  • Shawna commented  · 

    There needs to be a drop down in patient profile for the patients referral source (i.e. an existing patient, a magazine ad, a mailer etc). With that said you need to be able to generate a report that can list the different referral sources so that we can track our advertising and which method is generating the most patients.

  • Mrs Angelica F commented  · 

    Can you please consider, in addition to what was suggested, that some doctors have more than one location, different phone and fax numbers.

    Also, can we have the option of having a "generic" name in the directory, like "Orthopedist" or "Physical Therapist" instead of having the have a specific name. Sometimes, we just need to give the patients a generic referral and it's up to them to find the specialist they want. Right now, PF requires a fax and a phone so if we don't have a specific doctor to refer the patient to, we cannot generate a referral thru PF.

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