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Give patients access in PHR to view documents uploaded by the provider

Currently, patients cannot view any documents the provider has uploaded into their chart. We still use a number of paper documents that we then have to scan and upload and categorize appropriately. Most, if not all, of these documents should be able to be viewed by the patient. Our patients are missing out on a lot of essential information as result of this not being a current feature. We can always send documents individually to a patient, but it doesn't make sense to have to do so when they should just be able to gather what they need from their PHR.

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Jonathan shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
Acknowledged  ·  Matthew Douglass responded  · 

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  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Would love to see this added to PF. We have labs that are not integrated with PF and I would like to be able to securely share this with the patient. Please make this happen!

  • Mrs Tracey Corpron commented  · 

    This would be great if there was the option to allow the patient to see it or not. Lab and imaging results would be great but correspondence from the insurance company or another provider or another type of document may not be necessary for the patient to view.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Allow Dr's office to attach a document in a message to the patient

  • Thomas Moorcroft commented  · 

    I think this is a great idea. I use some labs that are not integrated with PF and being able to share them securely with patients is important. I provide a lot of patient education in PDF document form. I would like to be able to send them securely to the patient via the portal rather than make them wait for the mail or risk emailing these materials. This is especially important when I am trying to counsel them through an acute issue and want to provide written support of what I have told them.

  • Kristin Burns Genesis Weight and Age Management commented  · 

    Have a way to upload any paper work that needs to be filled out by the patient into the patient portal so they can fill that out prior to coming in. That will save time and cut down on patient wait times.

  • Dr Kaveh Sadeghi commented  · 

    It would be great if we could send documents to the patient portal and the patient could download them

  • Cynthia Elliott commented  · 

    We get call s all the time asking us to send imaging and lab reports to the patient portal. There is no feature that allows a pdf document to be sent to the patient portal for those facilities that are not working with PF. The only info that can be sent to pt portal is that which is received electronically This is a problem for our work flow since many facilities do not yet work with PF and therefore send the info back to us via fax. It would be great to have the ability to receive faxes in the PF system without Updox and then to be able to upload into pt portal or even annotate and send back to pharmacies, etc.

  • Dr Karen Shimotsu commented  · 

    On the Patient Portal, patients need to be able to view the full medical records including the full SOAP note, all imported x-rays results, labs,EKG's, & consult notes. We have to upload these onto the chart and attach them as documents. The patient needs these when they are going to other physicians.

  • David Van Bussum commented  · 

    100% agree. We do many virtual consults. The ability to use Patient Fusion as the communication portal for not only patient info but educational and lab results/documents would be extremely useful.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Add functionality to enable scanned patient labs that are not electronically transmitted to be seen in patient fusion

  • DJ Inouye commented  · 

    This makes sense for labs that PF is not offering a connection with yet. We could just let them view the scanned lab results instead of mailing them copies.

  • Dr Diane Neddenriep commented  · 

    I am a pediatric pulmonologist and would like my to attach my patients' Action Plans and school forms so they can access and print. I am currently using the Care Plan, but it does not recognize page breaks, so individual pages cannot be printed. This feature would be key to patient usability of our patient portal. Thanks!

  • Ivy commented  · 

    If this feature also includes allowing patients to view their imaging report attachments sent from the imaging centers, that would be great!

  • Hallie commented  · 

    Would love to have a feature to share patient documents with the patients through Patient Portal or possibly even through direct messages. Thank you!

  • Dr Jon Simon commented  · 

    I agree. This would be a great way to disseminate patient information handouts.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    This is essential for our practice. We have an in-house lab and scan in results. We need to be able to mark these documents as "viewable" in Patient Fusion.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Add the "documents signed" tab to patient fusion as lab results get faxed and uploaded here. Otherwise patients might not have access to all of their labs.

  • Dr. G commented  · 

    It would be nice to be able to share specific documents with patients directly through the patient portal. For example, if they wanted a copy of a lab report or needed a doctor's note, they wouldn't have to come to the office just to pick it up and I wouldn't have to print it out or fax it.

  • James Carroll commented  · 

    Please implement the ability to share a document with a patient via the patient portal.

    Perhaps the user could attachment the document in a Message. I envision "Share this document via PHR" to appear in the "Actions" menu when viewing a document.

    Or, a green switch to enable sharing of a document, similar to sharing lab results.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    It would be helpful if we could upload documents to a patient's chart and allow them to view the documents in their patient fusion account. Types of documents would be educational material, lab tests from labs that don't sync with practice fusion, treatment recommendations, supplement schedules, nutrition recommendations etc. The documents could be pdf's or scanned documents. The patient could login into their patient fusion account and view them or download them for easy access.

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