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Reduce space by consolidating vitals and flowsheets when printing notes

The columns with flowsheets take up a lot of extra space when printing and often cause over-runs onto extra sheets of paper. The columns are nice for tracking changes over time, but it would be much better if they printed in rows like before to save space.

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Jeremy Wright shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
Acknowledged  ·  Matthew Douglass responded  · 

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  • Dr Tessy Jenkins commented  · 

    I am wasting a lot of paper because vitals take up half of the first page. Please try to help us re-arrange this if possible to save both paper and space (and the environment as well)

  • John R Loughrey MD commented  · 

    I would be delighted if your vital signs didn't take up so much room. It seems to me you could have a single line with headings (Date, Height, Weight, BMI, BP, Pulse, Temp) and then each data point could be in box format below each heading. Each encounter would be on the next line but the most for a single entry would be two lines. Currently the vitals (even for a single entry) take so much space that the list of problems and meds often force the creation of a third page. Even though electronic many of us still keep paper charts as well.

    I didn't know how to import a table into this message but they'd be set up like below in a table format.

    Vital Signs
    Date Height Weight BMI BP Pulse
    03-16-2016 70 in 198 lb 28.41 162/74 62
    04-22-2016 70 in 196 lb 28.40 154/68 64

  • Dr Stephen Streitfeld MD commented  · 

    Display the vital signs horizontally. It would take up much less space on the note.

  • Dr. John Moglia commented  · 

    Vital signs take up too much space on printed chart note.

  • Dr. John Moglia commented  · 

    Please reduce size of vital signs section on soap note.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Currently when the flowsheet table prints on the encounter, the vitals are listed vertically and the date(s) horizontally. This makes the flowsheet take up close to half a page. If it were flipped to where the dates are on the vertical axis and the vital signs on the horizontal axis it would make the flowsheet take up less space. Users could still show the vitals from multiple encounters, but when only printing one or two sets it would be more compact.

  • brenda commented  · 

    encounter needs to be shorter too many paper

  • Dr Darius Peikari commented  · 

    The Vitals area now seems to take up more than 1/3 of a page. It makes me have to use an extra page most of the time. Can we make it smaller or have it horizontal. I think the flowsheet idea is still good, but it would save space being done horizontally.

  • Colette commented  · 

    Our office likes the old way the encounters were just two clicks and usually one page depending on the office note. Now the new feature takes up to much time and to many pages. There should be an option to decide which encounter printing method you want to use. No matter how many boxes we check there is just to much on the page now and when we fax to other office's they want us to condense it.

  • Julianne commented  · 

    The flowsheets are very informative but take up to much space on the chart note, causing simple SOAP notes to be 2 pages of printed paper.

    I would like to revert back to the old vitals and make the flowsheets optional for printing. The information in the flowsheets should be easily accessible on the patient summary page, or, if the cursor hovered over the vitals section the full flowsheet would pop up with the option to print just the flowsheet on a separate page.

  • DG commented  · 

    They take up too much space now....

  • Joseph D'Angelo commented  · 

    The current flow sheet is far too much for routine patient encounters; most do not need all those past measurements in a table that takes up almost half a printed page.

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