How do I prepare for an internet outage or disruption?

We recommend the following steps to prepare your practice for potential internet outages or disruptions.

Preparing your office for an internet outage

  • Have a prepaid WiFi hub or other back-up internet system ready to go in the event your internet is down.
  • Use laptops with good batteries and connect computers to surge protectors and battery back-ups for short term power interruptions.
  • Identify a second location that you could use temporarily in the case of a serious, long-term outage.

During a disruption

  • Check Practice Fusion's EHR Status page. Alternatively, you can check the Known Issue page on the Knowledge Base as issues will be posted immediately.
  • Identify if the issue is local to your office by checking your internet speed using, or by testing another website.
  • Try using a different internet browser like Chrome or Firefox, or update your browser to the most current version.

Community members interested in enhanced offline access may also add their voice to this related idea: Read-only access during system updates, as this suggestion is currently under consideration by our team.

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