EHR Update: February 9, 2017 Release Updates

Practice Fusion’s EHR updates are released over a two week period — see what’s coming next for your practice.


Optimize your schedule with the new Appointment report
Identify scheduling and billing gaps to help maximize practice performance and efficiency by tracking cancellations, no shows, and other scheduling details. Using the new Appointment report, you can review and filter appointments by facility, status, provider, and date. Click here to learn more »

Appointment Report 11217

Integrate your patient encounters and ordering workflow
See a more holistic view of your patient visits with fewer clicks using the new Orders section of the patient encounter. Your practice can now submit, track, and review orders directly within a chart note. Click here to learn more »



Start attesting for PQRS
You can now export your 2016 PQRS data from the PQRS Clinical Quality Measures dashboard as part of the PQRS attestation process. Learn more about reporting CQMs for PQRS »


Never miss a message with the new Archive Group Messages setting
This new setting allows administrators to determine if group messages will be archived for all participants once the first user archives the message or if messages will be archived independently for individual participants. Click here to learn more »


Avoid scheduling mix-ups and spend less time managing cancellations and no shows
Ensure that appointments are assigned to the right providers with fewer clicks. Practice administrators can now specify in the Schedule Settings which providers are available to be booked for patient appointments. Please note that these settings to do not affect blocked times or Online Scheduling.


Eliminate unnecessary tasks by specifying if encounters should be auto-created for appointments marked as cancelled or no-show. Your practice can now decide how to manage these visits. Learn more about managing your practice’s schedule »


Effectively manage your tasks list
Quickly sort through and complete your most important tasks more efficiently using the new patient search option in the Tasks section.


Customize your printed medication lists
Save paper and select only the most relevant medication information for your patient care needs by printing a patient’s active, historical, or complete medication list from the chart Summary or encounter.


Spend less time building flowsheets
It is now easier to add lab results to flowsheets. Simply open your lab result, find your observation and choose the option to add it to the flowsheet.  Click here to learn more »


Select from a more expansive list of preferred languages
Record the most accurate patient demographics for all of your patients using our expanded list of preferred languages.


  • When navigating away from and back to the Schedule, customers will be returned to the most recently opened Schedule page.
  • Deleted appointments will no longer appear on the Day or Week tab of the Schedule.
  • Conflict notifications will no longer display when scheduling an appointment if there are no existing appointments during that time at any facility.
  • Unassigned superbill tasks will now display when filtering the Tasks list by unassigned tasks.
  • Staff can now add patient addresses when creating a new patient from the schedule.
  • Internal Rx comments will display when opening previously sent prescriptions from the patient Timeline.
  • The My Dx list will display diagnoses by diagnosis code if this setting has been selected in your Diagnosis List EHR Settings.
  • The superbill status listed in an encounter will reflect the status of the superbill.
  • The most recent visit date will display for all patients when exporting the Patient List report to CSV.
  • The scrollbar in Clinical Quality Measure gap reports within the PQRS dashboard has been restored.

For a full list of known issues and upcoming bug fixes, please visit our Service Updates page. By voting on an issue, you will receive automatic updates and notifications as the issue status changes.

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