How do I use the new Patient List Report?

Note: Access to the EHR features described in this article may differ for practices who have already purchased a Practice Fusion EHR subscription plan. Please contact Practice Fusion Customer Service for additional information.

The new Patient list report feature allows you to create customized reports about your patient population based on various combinations of clinical and demographic data points and to save those customized reports so they can easily be generated at later times and by other members of your practice. You can also schedule one-time or recurring exports, helping you save time in the future. This is an enhanced version of the existing Patient list report and was designed to help providers identify groups of patients for quality improvement purposes, such as evaluating performance on quality metrics and identifying patients who may be in need of enhanced care coordination or preventative care services.

Using the new Patient list report
1. To get started, select Patient list report (New) from the Reports section of your EHR.


Specify Search Criteria
1. Begin by identifying whether you want the report to include all patients, only active patients, or only inactive patients. 

2. Define the search criteria based on  demographic and/or clinical data that will help you identify patients, based on the needs of your practice.


3. Click Add criteria to select another filter or the X button to remove one. When adding multiple rows of criteria, the report will include patients that meet all of the criteria. If you include multiple items per row (e.g. diagnoses E11.9, E10.9, E11.59, E11.8), the report will include patients that meet any of the selected criteria.


Review the chart below to learn about the available criteria and search parameters.


Viewing your report
1. Once you have selected your search parameters, click Run Report to see a list of qualifying patients.

2. Click More under the Expand column to view additional information about the patient or click on the patient’s name to access their chart. Continue adding or removing criteria to adjust the report or review a different patient population.
Exporting to CSV

1. Once you’ve finalized your report, you can export the results by clicking Export to CSV in the Actions menu. By default, all patients will be included in the export.

2. To export a list of specific patients, uncheck the box to the left of the First Name column header and check the box next to the specific patients’ names.    

Exporting to CCD
1. You may also export the results as a continuity of care document (CCD) by clicking Export as CCD in the Actions menu. By default, all patients will be included in the export.

2. Name the export file and click Export.

3. You can access and download the exported file from the Exported batch CCD files section (previously named Data portability) of Reports.

Saving and opening saved queries
1. If you anticipate running a particular report on a regular basis, you may save a query for future use by clicking Save or Save as.


2. Name the query, then click Save. A maximum of 12 queries can be saved for the entire practice at any given time.


3. To access queries you or other members of your practice have created, click the Actions menu and select Open saved queries.
4. Click Run report to run the same search or Edit query to adjust the parameters. If you are not the owner (creator) of the report, clicking Run report or Edit query will create a copy of the original. The query owner or practice administrator can also delete the saved query, which will permanently remove it from the list.  

5. If you’re the owner of the original saved query, you can run the report using the original query selections or add additional parameters. If you have edited the query, click Save to update the original query with the new parameters, Save as to save a new version of the report under a different name, or Undo changes to revert back to the original state. 


6. If you aren’t the owner of the original saved query, clicking Run report or edit query will create a copy of the original report. Click the pencil icon, Save, or Save as to save a new version of the query under your name.  


Scheduling one-time or recurring exports
If you plan to run and export the results of certain Patient List Report queries on a regular basis, your practice can schedule one-time or recurring exports of specific patient list report results. For instructions, see How do I batch export CCD files for a subset of my patients?

Additional information
If you have selected only demographic criteria and the number of patients who fit the criteria exceeds 1,000, only 1,000 patients will be displayed. We recommend selecting additional criteria to view a smaller subset of patients.

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