How does the MIPS Dashboard work?

Note: Access to the EHR features described in this article may differ for practices who have already purchased a Practice Fusion EHR subscription plan. Please contact Practice Fusion Customer Service for additional information.

Practice Fusion’s new MIPS Dashboard is an easy-to-manage tool that allows you to track your progress in all three MIPS performance categories for the 2017 reporting year:

You can use the MIPS Dashboard and its intuitive watch list functionality to monitor your performance on the MIPS measures and activities you may want to report, with no limit to the number of items you can track throughout the year.

We will gradually be rolling the MIPS Dashboard out to all our customers.

How do I access my MIPS Dashboard?
From the Reports section of the Practice Fusion EHR, click on “MIPS Dashboard” under the Quality Reporting section.


How do I set my MIPS Preferences?
First make sure that your name and current performance year are selected in the dropdown filters at the top of the Dashboard.

 Once selected, click on the MIPS Preferences link to set up your MIPS practice characteristics (if any) and your planned reporting period(s). If you are not yet sure of the reporting period(s) you’d like to pursue, you can select the “Full year” option to get started and later adjust your reporting period at any time during the 2017 calendar year.

Note: You must set up your MIPS Preferences in order to start tracking data on your MIPS Dashboard.

 What is the reporting watch list?
The MIPS Dashboard watch list is an exciting new tool that can help you track the ACI measures, quality measures and improvement activities you may want to report. You can use the watch list to track as many items as you would like, with no limit to the number of items that can be added. By adding items to your watch list, you can easily create a single reference point in the Dashboard to view your progress at a glance.

For complete details on how to setup and manage your watch list, please see What is the MIPS Dashboard watch list and how do I use it?

How do I navigate the MIPS performance category tabs?
Click into each performance category tab to view the measures or activities within that category.

  • Advancing Care Information (ACI)
    Under the Advancing Care Information (ACI) tab, you can access the 2017 ACI Transition Measure Set, which includes the base score measures, performance score measures, and bonus score measures. Click on each measure name to view the measure description, performance rate, and performance weight. To access more detailed information about the measure, click the “Learn More” link in the measure description. If you would like to add the measure to your watch list to start tracking it, click Watch and then click the toggle to “Add to watch list.”


  • Improvement Activities
    Under the Improvement Activities tab, you can access a complete list of the 92 improvement activities for this MIPS performance category. Click on each activity name to see the activity description, category, and weight or click Expand all measures at the top of the list to expand the details for all activities. If you wish to add an activity to your watch list to start tracking it, click Watch and then click the toggle to “Add to watch list.”

    To quickly search for specific improvement activities, use the filters at the top of the list to search by activity name, category, or weight. Check the Eligible for ACI bonus checkbox to view only those activities that qualify for the ACI bonus score.

  • Quality
    Under the Quality tab, you will be prompted to go to the eCQM Dashboard to select the quality measures you wish to track. Once you are in the eCQM Dashboard, click Watch next to the measure and then click the toggle to “Add to watch list” to add the eCQM to both your MIPS watch list and the Quality category tab of your MIPS Dashboard.

Once added to your MIPS Dashboard watch list, the Practice Fusion EHR will display a quality benchmark indicator on the measure progress bar, making it easy to track your measure performance: Simply click on the indicator to see the performance benchmark details for that measure. Surpassing this benchmark will give you the 
opportunity to 
achieve the maximum 10 points for the measure towards your Quality category score.


Once data is available for the measure, the measure progress bar will display orange when below the performance benchmark, green when at or above the performance benchmark, and blue when no historic benchmark exists for the measure, as detailed below:



At and above:


No historic benchmark exists for the measure:


For more information on how the Quality category is scored, please click here.

How is each measure calculation determined?
For detailed information on numerator and denominator specifications, as well as the suggested Practice Fusion EHR workflow to gain measure credit, click on the “Learn More” link within the measure description to be taken to the associated Knowledge Base article.

How does the Dashboard data update?

  • The MIPS Dashboard calculations update every 48 hours.
  • For measure calculations that are based on patients seen during the performance period, patients are recognized as “seen during the performance period” when they have at least one signed encounter with a date of service during the performance period and an encounter type matching the measure specifications (located in each relevant Knowledge Base workflow).
  • If you do not see measure progress on your Dashboard for measures based on unique patients seen during the performance period, make sure you have signed your relevant patient encounters and that the encounters have the correct encounter type selected. Measure credit will calculate for the MIPS eligible clinician who signs the encounter.

How do I print my MIPS Dashboard?
From any tab within the MIPS Dashboard, click the Actions dropdown menu in the upper right corner. You will have the option to print:

  • All MIPS Dashboards
  • The MIPS Summary home page
  • The Advancing Care Information Dashboard
  • The Improvement Activities Dashboard
  • The Quality Dashboard

 Note: If you have any measures or improvement activities expanded in the Dashboard view you opt to print, the printout will include the expanded measure view. If you wish to include the expanded measure description for every measure, click “Expand all measures” on the page before printing.

More Information

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Reminder: Practice Fusion provides the MIPS Dashboard as a tool to assist providers with tracking performance and reporting for participation in MIPS. Providers must still independently:  (1) confirm that the underlying information was properly entered into Practice Fusion, instructions for which are available at the Practice Fusion Knowledge Base; (2) review all reporting information for its accuracy and applicability to their particular practice(s); and (3) retain documentation that supports the data reported for their participation in MIPS, as required by CMS document retention policies.

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