How do I connect to Healthix Health Information Exchange?

Practices in New York can connect to Healthix, a New York public health information exchange.  Healthix is a tool that integrates data from health systems, health plans, and private HIEs across the state of New York to deliver a more complete view of the patient record. This integration supports the automated nightly submission of patient demographic and clinical data from your Practice Fusion EHR to Healthix. A demographics file will be sent for all patients whose demographics have been added or modified since the last transmission occurred. The patient’s clinical data will be sent as an HL7 Continuity of Care Document (CCD) to Healthix. A CCD will be transmitted for all patients who have had an encounter note signed since the last transmission occurred.
Follow the steps below to activate your connection and begin data transmission.
1. Complete onboarding with Healthix. Your practice must complete and sign the Healthix Participation and Business Associate Agreements. For more information, please contact Healthix at
2. Add the Healthix HIE Integration to your practice’s subscription plan. To connect with Healthix, your practice must sign up for the Healthix HIE Integration as an add-on to your Practice Fusion EHR subscription plan. Click Account and then Upgrade (seeGraphic 1 below) and follow the workflow to add the Healthix HIE integration to your practice’s subscription plan. Pricing is based on the number of Clinician Licenses your practice has purchased for your Practice Fusion EHR Subscription.
Graphic 1: Upgrade EHR Plan

3. View the connection status of the Healthix integration. Navigate to Practice settings and click Clinical data integrations (seeGraphic 2 below) to manage data transmission authorization and view details of your practice’s clinical data exchange connections. Once your practice has added the integration to your plan, your practice’s connection status will show as Pending: awaiting completion of HIE onboarding (see Graphic 3 below). 
Graphic 2: Clinical Data Integrations Settings

Graphic 3: Connection Status Pending - Awaiting Completion of HIE Onboarding

4. Authorize data transmission. Once Practice Fusion receives confirmation from Healthix that your practice has completed all onboarding requirements, you will receive detailed instructions via email on how to authorize data transmission. An administrator in your practice must authorize data transmission within the Clinical data integrations setting in your EHR to activate the connection for the practice as shown in Graphic 4 below. Click Authorize data transmission and confirm your agreement by accepting the terms to authorize data transmission on behalf of the entire practice.
Graphic 4: Authorize Data Transmission

5. Confirm your connection is active. Upon completing data transmission authorization, your practice’s connection status will change to Active (see Graphic 5 below). A status of Active indicates that automated nightly data transmission is enabled. A demographics file will be sent to Healthix for all patients whose demographics have been added or modified since the last transmission, and a CCD will be transmitted to Healthix for all patients who have had an encounter note signed since the last transmission. The name of the practice admin who authorized data transmission will be displayed for future reference. Admins can also select View transmission authorization to review the transmission authorization agreement at any time.
Graphic 5: Connection Status - Active

Frequently Asked Questions
1. What data will be transmitted to Healthix?
A: Patient clinical data will be sent to Healthix in a Continuity of Care Document (CCD). The sections of the patient chart that are included in a CCD are: Allergies, Assessment & Plan, Encounters, Functional Status, Goals, Health Concerns, Immunizations, Medical Equipment, Medications, Mental (Cognitive) Status, Diagnoses, Procedures, Referrals, Results (Labs), Social History, and Vital Signs. For more information on what data is included in a CCD, click here.
Patient demographic data sent to Healthix includes patient name, address, date of birth, and phone number.
2. How often does patient data get transmitted?
A: Practice Fusion performs an automated nightly transmission of patient demographics flat files and HL7 Continuity of Care Documents (CCDs) to Healthix. A demographics file will be sent for all patients whose demographics have been added or modified since the last transmission occurred. A CCD will be transmitted for all patients who have had an encounter note signed since the last transmission occurred. Since the data transmission from Practice Fusion to Healthix is an automated process, you do not need to do anything other than sign a chart note or update a patient’s demographics to transmit data to Healthix.
3. What is Healthix?
Healthix is a not-for-profit health information exchange (HIE) regulated and funded by the New York State Department of Health. Healthix is one of 8 public HIEs, serving a range of organizations in New York. They are partnered with the Statewide Health Information Network for NY (SHIN-NY), connecting hundreds of organizations. By using Healthix, clinicians and care coordinators from hundreds of different organizations can easily and securely collaborate on patient care using our tools and services. For more information, click here.

For more information, visit the Healthix website.

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