How do I update the Authenticator application for EPCS?

To e-sign prescriptions for controlled substances in Practice Fusion, you’ll need to use Authenticator, a smartphone app from In the event that the app was removed or you need to change the smartphone associated with your EPCS account, you will need to re-download the app and link it again to your Practice Fusion account. Read the instructions below to change or add a new Authenticator app.
Changing or adding a new Authenticator app
You must first download the Authenticator app to your smartphone from your phone’s app store. Once downloaded, link the application to your Practice Fusion account using the steps outlined below.
1. On your Dashboard, select the Controlled substances eRx tile as shown in Graphic 1 below.
Graphic 1: EPCS tile

2. Select Manage access controls as shown in Graphic 2 below. If you are linking the Authenticator for the first time, please click here.
Graphic 2: Manage Access Controls

3. Click Authenticate as shown in Graphic 3 below to open a new tab into’s website.
Graphic 3: Authenticate with

4. You will be prompted to enter a code from your device. Click update your settings here as shown in Graphic 4 below.
Graphic 4: Update settings

5. Update your 2-factor authentication (2FA). You will need to confirm your email address, confirm your personal information, and update the 2FA settings. Click continue as shown in Graphic 5 below.
Graphic 5: Update 2FA

6. will send you an email (see Graphic 6 below). Open a new tab and check your inbox. Click Confirm your email as shown in Graphic 7 below.
Graphic 6: Check inbox

Graphic 7: Confirm your email address

7. After your email is confirmed, close the email tab and return to the tab. Enter your first name, last name, birth date, and social security number (see Graphic 8 below). Then click Continue.
Graphic 8: Confirm personal information

8. Your identity has been verified. Click Continue as shown in Graphic 9 below.

Graphic 9: Identity verified

9. Select an option to set up 2FA (see Graphic 10 below):
Graphic 10: Select option for 2FA

9A. Authenticator Download the free mobile app and get a secure request prompt to sign in. Choose the app download method as shown in Graphic 11 below. Enter your phone number and click the link sent via text to download Authenticator (see Graphic 12 below).
Graphic 11: Choose app download method

Graphic 12: Authenticator app for download

9B. Code Generator Application Use a code generator app (like Authenticator or Google Authenticator) to generate a single-use code for signing in. If you already have the app downloaded, click the ‘+’ as shown in Graphic 13 below.
  • Then use your phone to scan the QR code as shown in Graphic 14 below.
  • After scanning the QR code, a 6-digit code will show (see Graphic 15 below).
  • From your computer screen, click Continue to enter the code from your app.
  • Enter the 6-digit code and click Continue as shown in Graphic 16 below.

Graphic 13: as code generator app

Graphic 14: Use phone to scan QR code on computer screen

Graphic 15: Credential ID and Security Code on Authenticator app

Graphic 16: Enter Credential ID and Security Code

10. Your account is now secure. Click Continue as shown in Graphic 17 to return back to Practice Fusion. Your new device is linked to your Practice Fusion account and can be used to both confirm e-signing permissions and sign e-prescriptions for controlled substances.
Graphic 17: Account is secure

Why do I need a smartphone?
A smart phone is required to use the Authenticator app, which will be linked to your Practice Fusion account. The Authenticator app is used to generate the time-sensitive, one-time password or push notification that is used to both confirm changes to e-signing controls and is also used to e-sign prescriptions for a controlled substance. For more information on how to send and approve e-prescriptions for controlled substances, click here.
What are some troubleshooting tips?
Use a supported device. Users may experience issues relating to the browser or pop-up blockers. Click here for a full list of recommended troubleshooting steps. After going through the troubleshooting steps, click on the Controlled Substances e-Prescribing tile from the home dashboard and follow the steps in the article above.


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