How do I update my appointment schedule?

When updating your appointment schedule, you may:

  • Update office hours
  • Color code your schedule by appointment type or provider
  • Add new Appointment types
  • Select a default Appointment type
  • Adjust your facility hours
  • Change the default slots on your daily/weekly calendar
  • Adjust/hide display filters
  • Set up a cancellation policy for your Online Booking Page
  • Set up automatic encounter note creation for no-shows and cancellations
  • Manage appointment conflict notifications

To do this, navigate to the Settings tab within the Schedule.


Encounters for No-shows/Cancellations
This setting determines whether an encounter note will be automatically created for pending appointments that are marked as No Show or Cancelled. The setting is defaulted to automatically create an encounter note, but if you wish to turn this off for your practice, an account administrator can select “Do not create encounters for patient no-shows and cancellations (affects all providers)”.


Cancellation Policy
The Cancellation Approval Policy determines when your practice will require approval for cancellation requests. You can choose from one of the following options:

  • Selecting Do not require approval for any cancellation requests will allow cancellation requests to be automatically approved. When a patient requests to cancel an appointment, it will automatically be removed from your schedule without any EHR user interaction.
  • If you select Require approval for all cancellation requests, any request to cancel an appointment will require approval.
  • Selecting Require approval for requests that fall within ___ calendar days will allow your practice to approve cancellation requests submitted within a certain time frame before the visit.

The Cancellation Policy dictates the messaging that your patient will receive when requesting to cancel an appointment. You can from one of the following:

  • If your practice has no cancellation policy, select Practice doesn’t have policy.
  • If your practice has a policy regarding how far in advance patients must request a cancellation, select Alert patients about possible charges for appointments cancelled within … number of calendar days. You can then enter a time frame specific to your practice.

Color Coding
To color code your schedule, choose whether you would like to color code by Provider or by Appointment Type.


Depending on which type of color coding you chose, you will be able to change the color for each provider, or each appointment type.

Color Code by Provider:


Color Code by Appointment:

Color_code_by_appt_how_to_set_up_schedulepngNote: The Practice Fusion default appointment types will not be editable.

Setting Schedule Availability
When scheduling an appointment, a user’s name can be selected in the “Provider” dropdown list within the new appointment window. If you wish to specify which providers appear in the dropdown list, an account administrator can update this by adjusting the toggle buttons for each user in the “Available for Scheduling” column. If a user’s toggle is set to “Off” that user will be removed from the “Provider” dropdown list.


Adding new Appointment types
To add a new appointment type, type into field that states Enter name for appointment type:

When you add your appointment type, you can choose to customize the appointment duration, so every appointment that is marked as that given type will default to the preferred duration.


For detailed instructions on customizing appointment durations, visit How do I set durations for custom appointment types?

Selecting a default Appointment type
Your default appointment type will be automatically be selected whenever your practice schedules an appointment. The administrator on the account can click the radio button next to the practice's preferred type, or select No default appointment type.


Manage appointment conflict notifications
In your Practice Fusion schedule you have the ability to  receive conflict  notifications if the provider you are scheduling for is already booked at another facility in your account.

This notification setting will automatically be turned on for your account. If you would like to disable conflict notifications, you will need to go to the Schedule and click on the Settings tab.

Scroll down to the Facilities section and toggle the setting to off. You will no longer see notifications when you have conflicts between your Practice Fusion facilities.

Adjusting your facility hours
Select the hours during which your facility will be open each day.  

Adding Blocks
Any Block within your schedule will be reflected on your page. Blocks will indicate an unavailable appointment slot and may be created per provider, facility or practice.

To add a block, select Schedule, click the Week tab and select the appropriate slot. Select the 'Block time' tab and choose who you would like to assign the block for. Enter the applicable date, time, duration and reason and click Save. See this post for more information: How do I create a block on the schedule?

Changing the default slots on your daily/weekly calendar
With the scheduler you can change the default time of your calendar. This can be edited on the Day or Week view by selecting a time from the drop down, displayed below:

Adjusting display filters
The filter drop-down menus on the left-hand side allow you to customize the Users, Display  Options and Appointment Types on your Schedule. Note: Display options will vary depending on whether you're viewing the Appointments, Day or Week tab.

Hiding display filters
You can easily hide the display filters by clicking the upward arrow as shown below:

After clicking the upward arrow, your filter column will be undocked. You can always have it appear by clicking on the filter icon.

If you would like to re-dock your filter column, simply click on the downwards arrow and it will appear next to your schedule.

Please note:
  • Hiding filter display settings is per each schedule tab. (Appointments, Day and Week)
  • Filter and view settings within the Schedule can be customized and saved, per user.

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