How can I optimize my Profile for Online Appointment Booking?

Scheduling appointments in Practice Fusion is now even easier and more efficient.

Using your Online Booking Page, your patients have the ability to securely request appointments without the need to contact your practice.

Read more about Online Booking Pages here

In order to have an Online Profile, you must:

  • Be verified to eRx or have completed our identity verification process

  • Confirm and turn on your Online profile status
  • Have a Phys./MD/DO or NP/PA edit level

If your patients are enrolled in the patient portal, they can request to reschedule and cancel their online appointments.  For more information, see How do I process online reschedule and cancel requests?

Update your Profile

You'll first want to update your User Profile. This will ensure your Online Booking Page displays updated information. Please note that all of the Profile fields below must be completed in order for the Online Profile dashboard tile to be marked as Complete.

To do this, click Settings in the top-right corner, select Users, and choose the desired provider from the list.

Photo: Within the Profile section, click Upload photo. You'll be prompted to locate your saved photo using the File Upload window. Select your preferred photo and click Save.

Basic info: Use the Profile section to update name, degree, primary specialty, title and sex.

Contact info: Ensure current contact information is available for your patients. Use the Primary Facility drop-down menu (shown above) to select the appropriate facility for your Online Booking Page. Note: If the address or zip code for your practice is invalid, patients will not have the ability to request appointments.

To make changes to facility details, select Settings --> Facilities --> Edit.

Biography: The Biography section allows you add or edit bio info.

Note: You can use the Biography section to add supplementary information not listed in the Profile section

Practice Web Address: Practice Web Address allows you to add or edit your Practice Website (if applicable).

Set Office Hours

Available appointments are automatically pulled from your schedule. Update office hours within the Schedule section to ensure that patients are requesting appointments for available times.

1. Select Schedule, click the Schedule tab and select the Settings tab

2. Within the Facility hours section, you may alter the time range listed for each day to make changes

Schedule Blocks for when you are unavailable

Any Block within your schedule will be reflected on your page. Blocks will indicate an unavailable appointment slot and may be created per provider, facility, or practice.

To add a block, select Schedule and click the Day or Week tab. Click Add appointment, select Block time and choose the associated provider. Add applicable facility, date, time, duration and reason. Click Save.

Remember, when your Online Booking Page is turned on, information within the Profiles tab will be visible to patients.

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