Why don't I see my name in search results for Patient Fusion's Online Booking Page?

When searching for your Online Profile on Patient Fusion, patients will have the ability to search by name, location, specialty and accepted insurances. Results will be sorted by proximity to the zip code they search for; however, providers with more complete profiles will be ranked higher in search results. Please note, we currently verify provider identities using eRx or our identity verification process to ensure that all Patient Fusion doctors are trusted. Only a provider who has been enabled for e-Prescribing or completed our identity verification workflow and who has turned on their Online profile status will appear in search results.

If you are not seeing your Online Profile appear in search results, please complete the following troubleshooting steps:

1. Confirm you are eRx-enabled or have completed the identity verification process. For more information, please see: How do I get a Patient Fusion Online Scheduling Profile?

2. You will need to ensure that your Profile is enabled. To do this, click Settings and select Users. Choose your name from the list, and toggle the Online profile status to On.

3. Ensure your profile is complete. Profiles with photos and biographies will be ranked higher. Please note, only 30 provider results will display per search; completing your profile will ensure your page is returned as a top result. Click here to learn how to set up your online profile.

4. Finally, ensure the correct zip code is present. To do this, click Settings and select Users. Choose your name from the list and note the Primary Facility listed. You may then make adjustments to the associated zip code by clicking Settings --> Facilities --> Edit. Note: A zip code extension will exclude your profile from search results. If that is present, you will need to remove the extension.

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