How do I search for patients in the EHR?

You can search for patients in the EHR by selecting “Charts” on the left hand navigation bar. 

From there you will land on a list of “Recently Accessed Patients” which includes patient’s whose charts have recently been access by members of your practice. The Recent patient list will display 1,000 patients. Patients will be listed by most recently accessed, based on the date and time listed in the Accessed column. 

To select that patient, simply click the blue highlighted name.

The Patient List will display the following information:
  • First, Last Name
  • Patient Record Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Sex
  • Contact information (address, home and mobile phone numbers)
  • Time/Date that chart was last accessed. 
You can search the patient list by Name, PRN, DOB and SSN. The new search functionality allows you to search by several parameters. For example: I could type “Jon” and then press enter, and then also type “10” because I know the patient has a birthday in October. It would display all applicable results.

Showing/Hiding Inactive Patients
You may also choose to search both your inactive and your active Patients. To display inactive Patients, check the “Show Inactive” box.

If you choose to “Show Inactive” the results will pull both active and inactive patients. Inactive patients will be faded a gray color and have “(Inactive)” listed after their first name.

Sorting patient data: 
In the patient search you can sort your results to better display your patients. 

You may sort your results by clicking the column title. This will sort  the data in ascending/descending order. You can sort by first name, last name, DOB, Address (will sort by first digit of address), and last accessed. 

Searching Scheduled Patients
You may also search for patients by selecting "Scheduled" and a list of patients with appointments on that given day will display. You will see their Appointment time and appointment status in the far right column.


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