Charting with templates

Templates allow you to streamline your charting experience and easily complete your patient encounters.

To get started, click Record in one of the SOAP note sections (e.g. Subjective) and you will see the templates drawer expand. This can be collapsed and opened at any time by clicking the blue tab.

Claiming and creating templates

To begin using your templates, you may first need to claim or create your templates. To get started with templates, please click Settings in the upper-right corner of Practice Fusion and select the Templates section. For instructions on claiming and creating templates, please review the resources below:

Searching and selecting templates

When charting an encounter, you can open a template directly from the list or use the search field at the top of the templates list. When searching, results in blue are template names, while results in gray are template line items. Selecting a template name (blue), will open the complete template and allow you to select desired line items. Selecting an item (gray) will populate only that line item into your encounter.

Charting with templates

To insert a template line item into your encounter, first locate and select the template folder. Click on an individual line item to add it to the encounter, or select Add all to incorporate all line items.

You can also utilize charting shortcuts to quickly incorporate entire templates or template line items into the encounter. For instructions on creating templates and charting shortcuts, please click here. Simple type the shortcut into your encounter and hit Enter on your keyboard, and the entire template or individual line item will populate.


  • To activate a shortcut for the entire template, please enter “..” before the shortcut name (e.g. ..GPE)

  • To activate a shortcut for an individual item in a template enter “.” before the shortcut name (e.g. .head)

As you begin typing “..” or “.” into the body of your note, a drop-down menu containing your templates and template line items will populate. You can quickly select to add an entire template or individual line item using the Down, Up, and Enter keys on your keyboard or by clicking on the text.

Adding "??" to your template line item will prompt you to enter a value when selecting that particular line item.  The "??" will highlight blue, indicating that you can enter a value in that field. Use the tab key on your keyboard to toggle between multiple "??”.  Please note that the "??" icon will remain dark blue to remind you to input a value.

If you have incorporated patient shortcuts such as {dob} or {age} into your template line items, the information will automatically populate into your encounter. You may also use the Add patient info drop-down menu within your rich text formatting menu to quickly add this information.

Once you have used a line item, a gray check-mark will appear to the right of the item to indicate that it has already been incorporated. However, you may use the line item multiple times.

Previous tab

This tab will contain previous visit notes and past medical history (PMH). Previous notes (and PMH) for the patient will appear as a list. You can click a previous visit note in the list to populate the entire section into your note on the right, or add specific information.

You can preview a previous visit note before selecting it by hovering your mouse over the line item in the Previous tab.

Editing templates

You can edit, reorder, and delete entire templates or individual line items in the template workflow. To edit your list of templates, click Edit templates in the bottom-right corner of the Templates pane. To edit a particular template's line items,  open the template and click Edit items in the bottom right corner of the templates pane. Select the pencil icon to edit an item, or the X button to delete it. You may click the 4 horizontal lines to the left of the item to drag and drop them into your preferred order. When complete, click Done editing.


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