How do I use templates?

We are continuing to take major steps toward updating your EHR with even more features and improved workflows. With Practice Fusion's template interface we have improved the way you create, edit, save and share templates.

Our templates feature allows you to:

To access the Template Library, you can either:

  • Select the Template community tile from your practice Dashboard

  • Select Charting templates from your EHR Settings

You will be directed to your Template Library and the Template Community.

Within your Template Library, you can create custom templates that can be shared publicly. You can create, edit, reorder, and delete line items within a template at any time and edit the template details. You can also utilize rich text formatting and create charting shortcuts to help you complete your encounters faster. To learn more about how to create your own custom templates, or edit existing custom templates, see this post: How do I create new templates and edit existing templates?

You can also organize your template library to better suit your practice workflow. You can customize the order in which you want your templates to appear while charting, either alphabetically or manually to better fit into your workflow. For additional information, please see: How do I organize templates?

We also have a Template Community in the EHR where providers can publish their own templates for other providers to view and use in their own practices. The Community is a resource for providers to help one another improve their practice and optimize the time they have with their patients. You can rate templates, save copies of templates and unpublish templates that you no longer want publicly available. For more information, please see: How do I search for and publish templates?

With the public Template Community, providers can search through many provider templates and save copies to their own private library. Please read more about saving copies of public templates here: How can I save a template to My Templates?

With our template workflow, you can select one or more templates to share with users in your practice. You can share with all users, or choose specific providers with whom you would like to share. See this thread for more information on the topic: How do I share templates with users in my practice?

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