How do I process patient appointment requests?

Your patients have the ability to securely request appointments through your Online Booking Page, without the need to contact your practice.

In order to use your Online Profile, you will need to be verified for e-prescribing through Practice Fusion or complete our identity verification process and turn on your Online profile status. You will also need to have a Phys/MD/DO or NP/PA edit level. If you are not yet eRx-enabled or have not completed our identity verification process, please see: How do I get a Patient Fusion Online Scheduling Profile? If you do not have a Phys./MD/DO or NP/PA edit level, see: Update Edit Levels.

Processing Appointment Requests

To process appointment requests, go to the Schedule section and select the Appointment Requests tab. If you do not see any pending requests, click the Refresh button near the top to display the latest requests. You can use the drop-down menus to select a specific provider and request type.

Your practice has the ability to approve, deny or change the appointment as needed. A confirmation email will then be emailed to the patient as confirmation.

Approving Appointment Requests

1. Verify the appointment time is available in the practice calendar, located to the right of the pending approval, and click Approve.

2. You have the option to choose a different patient name. To do this, select Change patient and begin typing to search for a patient to associate with the appointment.

3. You may either select an existing patient or click Add new patient.

4. Confirm additional appointment details, date and time. Click Approve.

5. Once the appointment has been approved, the appointment can be seen in the schedule preview on the right. Please note that the reason for the visit (chief complaint) is visible with the appointment

Rescheduling an Appointment Request

1.  If the requested time doesn’t work for your practice, you can click Reschedule to suggest a new time.

2. The window will expand to allow you to assign the request to a patient and enter the new date and time in the When section.  Once completed, click on Propose Changes. You also have the option to select Approve, which will send a confirmed appointment notification to the patient with updated details. Once Approve is clicked, the appointment will automatically be updated in the practice’s schedule. Please note:  There is no option for patient approval.

3. After clicking Propose changes, you will be prompted to provide a reason for changing the appointment  and can compose an optional message, then click Send.

Confirming proposed appointment details

The patient will receive a notification of the rescheduled date and time via email.  The patient can then approve the new time from the email or within their portal.

The appointment will appear as Tentative on your schedule until the patient has approved the new time.

If they call the office to confirm, the front desk can change the status from two places.

1 .   By clicking on the tentative appointment in the Day or Week tab.

Select the status of Confirmed, click Done and the appointment will be confirmed and placed in the scheduler.

2.  From the Appointments tab in the schedule, select the date of the tentative appointment and change the Status to Confirmed. You will be prompted to confirm the appointment and it will be placed in the schedule.

Please note:  The online booking confirmation functionality is different than changing the confirmation status column in the schedule. For more information on changing the confirmation status for all types of appointments please see How do I update an appointment’s confirmation status in the schedule?

Denying Appointment Requests

To deny an appointment request, simply click the Deny button and a message will alert you that the appointment has been denied.

Confirmation Emails

Confirmation emails are sent to the patient when an appointment is approved, denied or rescheduled.

Approval email: Appointment scheduled for [date] at [time].

Denial email: Appointment request declined: [reason for denial]

The patient can click Read the note from our office to be directed to login to their patient portal account to read a note regarding any additional details your practice provided for the denial.

Reschedule email: Your provider has suggested changes to your appointment

The patient can click the Confirm or Cancel buttons to be directed to login to their patient portal account to login and either confirm or cancel the newly-proposed appointment date and time. Alternatively, the patient can call your practice to schedule another time.

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