How do I request a Direct account?

Please follow the steps below to request a Direct account.

1. Click the Home button from the left navigation bar and click the blue button Set up Direct messaging in the Direct messaging tile.

Setup Direct Messagingpng

Alternatively, click the Messages button from the left navigation bar and click the Actions button in the upper right corner. Select Set up Direct Messaging.

2. Provide your personal information

  • Your legal name: This must match your government-issued ID

  • Your personal details: Used for performing identity check and will be transmitted to our identity verification partner, Experian, via secure and regulated network
3. Agree to the Direct messaging notice and authorization

4. Confirm your identity (Identity verification is conducted using Key Information Questions (KIQ) generated by our identity verification partner Experian. Note: You will have 10 minutes to answer these questions)

If identity questions are answered correctly:

Choose your preferred Direct address.
  • Your address must be less than 35 characters and cannot contain special characters
Once the identity verification is complete, you will be prompted  to complete the process by choosing a direct address.

enable direct messagingpng

Get started direct messagingpng

After choosing your address, your Direct account is pending approval. You will be contacted within 7 business days with next steps.

If Identity questions are answered incorrectly: Please see What if I fail identity verification questions during Direct account sign up?

Please note: Direct Addresses that remain unused or inactive for an extended period of time may be deactivated.

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