What if I fail identity verification questions during Direct account sign up?

If identity verification questions are failed during the Direct account sign up process, please check the following:
  • Ensure your name matches your legal name on your government issued photo ID (Note: Your name should not contain special characters)

  • In the Home address field, use your personal address rather than your business address (Note: Your address should not contain special characters)

  • In the Home number field, use your home phone number rather than your cell phone number

  • Confirm that the person attempting to sign up for a Direct account is completing the verification themselves, in their own account
If, for any reason, you fail identity verification questions, you will have the option to re-attempt the sign-up process. To re-attempt the sign-up process, select the Direct messaging tile on your Dashboard and click Get Started.

If you have failed the Experian check 3 times within a 24 hour period, you will receive the notification below. You will then need to wait an additional 24 hours before trying again. This is a security measure put in place by Experian.


Why do I need to enter all of this information to sign up for a Direct address?
Direct messaging facilitates secure messaging between medical providers, and between medical providers and their patients. To further maintain security and HIPAA compliance, Direct requires that customers complete an identity verification, which is done through Experian.

Why do I need to provide my DOB or SSN?
Entering your DOB and SSN is necessary in order to run an Experian identification check, which will electronically verify your identity by asking you questions based on your credit history. This is a secure Experian service to help authenticate the identity of every client who uses our website.

For more information on signing up for a Direct account see How do I request a Direct account?

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