How do I use "In Practice" messaging?

To help improve your communication efficiency, you can send internal messages to your staff in the Messages section in one convenient place. You can send individual messages to staff members, or send group messages to everyone in your practice. 

How do I send a message to my staff?
To send messages to other members of your practice, navigate to the Messages section and click New Message. To send a message internally, select In practice. Click into the To field to see all of the users in your practice or begin typing the staff member's name. As you type, the list of recipients will appear.

You may also choose to send a message to all staff members in your practice, which can be done with one easy click using the Send to all in practice button in the upper-right of the new message window.

Once you have selected the recipient(s), you may associate a patient with the message. To do so, click into the Regarding Patient field and type a few letters of the patient name, enter the DOB or social security number. Then click the Enter key on your keyboard or the search magnifying glass to see results and select the desired patient. If you want the message to be added to the patient's chart, check the box.  You can then compose your message. You can create a new message from any of the folders the Messages section (inbox, sent or archive).

Adding a message to a patient's chart cannot be undone. To change the default settings for the "Add to Chart" function please see this article.

Urgent Messages
You can mark the message as urgent by checking the Mark as urgent check-box before clicking the Send button. An orange exclamation point icon will appear on the message when marked as urgent.

Archive Messages
You can archive messages by opening the message, checking the check box to the left of the message (or the Select all check-box) and clicking Archive. Alternatively, open a message and select the Archive button at the bottom. Alternatively, open a message and select the Archive button at the bottom. To view messages you have archived, click the Archive folder in the top left to view those messages at any time.Note: By default, archiving a group message will archive it for all participants in the thread once the first user archives it.  An administrator can adjust this setting following the steps outlined here: How do I manage messaging settings

Can I send a message to myself?
Yes, this feature can often be used to send personal reminders. You can select yourself from the users in your practice. The sent message will appear in your Inbox as an unread message.

Alternatively, you can create custom tasks for personal reminders. For more information, please see: How do I create custom reminder tasks?

For information on messaging, see: How do I use Messaging?

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