How do I message providers in my Practice Fusion directory?

With Practice Fusion’s secure messaging, you can communicate and collaborate with your patients, practice staff, and other providers in one unified place.

How do I send a message to a provider in my Practice Fusion directory?

1. Navigate to the Messages section.

2. Click New Message in the top right corner. At the top of the New message box, select Practice Fusion.

3. Click into the To field to see all of the providers in your network or begin typing the provider's name. As you type, the list of recipients will appear.

4. Once you have selected the recipient(s), click into the message field to compose your message.

5. Once you have composed your message, click Send.

How do mark a message as urgent?

You can mark the message as urgent by checking the Mark as urgent check-box before clicking the Send button. An orange exclamation point icon will appear in the Inbox when messages are marked as urgent.

How do I archive a message?

You can archive messages once the conversation is complete by opening the message and clicking the Archive button towards the bottom. Alternatively, check the  box to the left of the message (or the Select all checkbox) and click Archive. To view messages you have archived, click the Archive section in the top left to view those messages at any time.

Please note: By default, archiving a group message will archive it for all participants in the thread once the first user archives it. An administrator can adjust the setting following the steps outlined here: How do I manage messaging settings?

For information on messaging, see: How do I use messaging?

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