How do I use the Tasks section?

Task_patient_search_All_TaskspngTasks are one of the most powerful practice management resources in your EHR. Several different types of tasks are currently available:

Viewing your Tasks
In addition to
All Tasks in your practice and My Tasks, tasks are separated out by category for easier reviewing. Note: Each user in your practice will be able to customize the tabs that are visible and the order that they appear. For more information, please see How do I customize my Tasks section?

Task_patient_search_Task_TabspngWithin your tab for All Tasks and My Tasks, you can also narrow your results:

1. Filter by Task Type


2. Filter by patient (search by patient name, DOB, SSN, or PRN)


3. Filter by Status of the task


4. Filter by Time range


5. Filter by Provider


Processing your Tasks
To process a task, select the prompt within the Actions column. Each action is associated with the particular task type. For example, you will be prompted to
sign your encounters and to view unsigned documents.

Task_patient_search_Processing_taskspngPossible actions may also include reassigning a task to another and marking a task complete without further action.

1. Reassign tasks to another user (does not apply to all tasks)

2. Mark as complete without further actionTask_patient_search_mark_as_completepng

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