How do I share templates with users in my practice?

To share templates with users in your practice, you will first need to navigate into the Template Library. To do so, click Settings in the top-right corner of your account and select Charting templates. You will be directed to your Template Library and the Template Community.

Click on the My Templates tab. To select the template you want to share with your practice, check the box to the right of the template name.

Once you have selected all of the templates that you would like to share, you will see an arrow orange drop down bar on the top right of your Templates window. Select the orange arrow and choose “Share with practice” from the drop-down. (Please note: if you do not select a template you will not have the option to select “Share with practice” from the drop-down.)

You will be prompted to select whomever you would like to share your template. You can Select all practice members or you can choose specific individuals with whom you would like to share.

Click the share button. The window will close and you will see a Template shared message.

Please note:
The users with whom you have shared your templates will have to log out and log back into their account in order to see the newly shared templates in their “My Templates” list.

Additionally, if you have made updates to a template after sharing it with other members of your practice, the recipients will not receive the updated template and you will need to share the template again. Please note that this may result in the recipient having multiple templates listed in their Template Library.

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